Adobe Target Announces Enhanced Analytics Measurement for AI-Powered Testing and Personalization

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Digital traffic levels are approaching Cyber-Monday levels right now, bringing new customers to websites and apps with high demands. Companies need to adapt quickly to meet these new expectations, as well as optimize customer engagement methods for the future, and they are turning to their personalization and testing teams to launch these new customer journeys.

The ability to personalize and test new experiences with an optimization solution helps to avoid what can be months of development through normal processes with the creative and design teams. For example, one major media provider optimized a new self-service customer journey with Adobe Target in their mobile app for sports package deferment in a matter of hours that saved millions in call center costs.

Marketers need a way to optimize their campaigns, view comprehensive reporting and have a full view of performance impact. Adobe Target teams can now use Adobe Analytics-enhanced reporting with the AI-powered testing and personalization capabilities: Auto-Allocate, Auto-Target and Recommendations, all leveraging Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning technology.

In addition, a new dedicated Target dashboard in Analysis Workspace provides rich visualizations and deeper analysis. This means faster automation-driven testing and personalization activity execution, greater confidence in what the algorithms are driving, and a holistic view of performance impact.

Key benefits include:

These improvements unlock a number of powerful AI-powered personalization use cases.

Working with 68 of the top Fortune 100 companies, Adobe Target customers see $25 return on investment on average for every $1 spent on the application. HSBC is already seeing benefits from utilizing Adobe Target’s AI-powered capabilities with Adobe Sensei, which have enabled them to reduce development time for new optimized digital journeys from up to six months down to a matter of weeks. Learn more in a webinar on August 6: “How HSBC leverages Adobe Target and rapidly optimize and deliver personalization at scale.”

For more information on these AI-driven activities and the benefits of Analytics-enhanced reporting with Adobe Target, check out these resources below:

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