Introducing AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce


There’s no denying that stay-at-home orders to contain the spread of COVID-19 are shifting consumer behaviors across the globe. ECommerce has quickly evolved from one option to the only option to shop for millions of consumers and businesses, forcing many organizations to adapt to this “new normal.” Indeed, Adobe Analytics data shows that in March, overall eCommerce in the U.S. was up 25%, and at an aggregate level, we have seen site traffic for Magento Commerce merchants globally increase by an average of 30% during that same period — nearly matching what we typically see for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While eCommerce has carried the torch for overall economic growth the past couple of years, it has become even more relevant during these unprecedented times. Faced with this reality, brands both big and small are now prioritizing investments in digital commerce technologies to ensure they’re offering compelling, frictionless shopping experiences to their customers.

Today we’re announcing that Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei – our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology – is now available to Magento Commerce merchants globally. Our customers can now deploy automated and intelligent product recommendations across their storefronts, helping their customers discover relevant products throughout the shopping journey – while creating engagement, increasing conversion, and driving revenue. In the past, effectively leveraging AI has been cost- and resource-prohibitive for many SMBs, requiring them to spend budget on data scientists or another cumbersome technology for their teams to manage. With this release, our fast-growing merchants can easily automate product recommendations to deliver a differentiated eCommerce experience. This also frees up valuable time, allowing brands to refocus resources on other ways to grow the business.

Product recommendations screenshot

Since we announced the Early Access Program for Product Recommendations last October, we have engaged with over 50 merchants, including Marshall Wolf Automation, Wyze Labs, and HP, as well as valuable partners including ComWrap, Atwix, Absolunet, and Perficient.

“Working with the Early Access Program was a fantastic experience. Getting the Product Recommendations feature set up went smoothly, and we have added thousands of dollars of additional revenue every week.” – Tyler Jensen, Web Developer at Marshall Wolf Automation

Magento merchants can integrate the Product Recommendations feature today and benefit from:

• Auto-Distributed Page Tagging and Catalog Sync: Storefronts are instantly tagged with no coding or development required. This ensures everything is deployed correctly while making it effortless for our merchants. A merchant’s product catalog is automatically synced to a dedicated cloud service to offload processing from their Magento server.

• AI-Driven Retail Experience: Adobe Sensei automatically analyzes shopper behavior through multiple machine learning algorithms, eliminating tons of manual effort required to continuously produce accurate product affinities – at scale, for every shopper.

• Nine Different Recommendation Types: Merchants can choose from various “Recommendation Types” that are powered by Sensei and place them across their storefront. Recommendation Types included are Trending, Viewed-Viewed, Viewed-Bought, More Like This, Most Purchased, and Recommended For You.

• Embedded Merchant Experience: An integrated user interface allows merchants to easily create, manage, and deploy product recommendations directly from Magento Admin while staying on top of dedicated metrics such as impressions, views, clicks, revenue and more.

• Streamlined User Workflow: The streamlined workflow simplifies creating product recommendations into clear, well-defined steps. This means once the feature is activated, merchants can start recommending products to their shoppers in minutes.

Pricing and Availability

Product Recommendations is exclusively available for Magento Commerce merchants at no additional cost starting today via the Magento Marketplace. It is compatible with merchants on Magento Commerce 2.3 and up.

Brands that require a more robust, dedicated personalization platform to conduct automated testing, optimization and segmentation across channels can look at Adobe Target.