Cervion Systems Uses E-signatures to Keep Small Business Moving

For more than 20 years, Cervion Systems has helped hundreds of small businesses use technology to become more efficient and productive. As a small technology business with 20 employees, Cervion Systems specializes in working with independent restauranteurs and retailers by providing point of sale (POS) systems and innovative services such as marketing solutions and online ordering apps that will help the business.

“Small business owners are typically very busy, sometimes working 16 or 18 hours days to get everything done,” says Alejandro Swaby, Director of Sales for Cervion Systems. “Time is a huge factor for them. If we can help them get something done in ten minutes instead of needing to set aside an hour to wrestle with paperwork, they appreciate it.”

One of the biggest delays for onboarding new clients was often getting contracts signed. That’s why Cervion Systems decided to implement Adobe Acrobat Sign, the electronic signature solution that enables anytime, anywhere signing of applications. With Acrobat Sign, Cervion Systems dramatically streamlines onboarding and gives owners the support that they need to focus on running their business.

Getting service applications signed in less than a day

Before Acrobat Sign, customers physically signed service applications outlining hardware, peripherals, services, and costs. Sales reps would email or deliver a form for the customers to fill out, sign, and fax back. If sales reps found any mistakes or if they had trouble reading handwritten forms, they might need to communicate back and forth with customers several times before producing a final agreement.

With Acrobat Sign, not only can customers sign applications quickly, but virtually. Sales reps now send digital applications for signature. Customers fill out forms electronically, resulting in fewer miscommunications and errors, and sign the agreement in minutes. While it typically took at least three days to get applications signed before Acrobat Sign, they are now typically returned in less than half the time.

“Working with Acrobat Sign is faster for customers, and it allows us to deploy our systems sooner,” says Alejandro. “It’s also a huge time-saver for us, as sales reps no longer have to spend so much time communicating back and forth with customers just to get applications signed. It’s a win for everyone.”

Mobile workflows that benefits customers and staff

One of the reasons that Acrobat Sign adds such a boost to speed and productivity is its mobility. Owners or managers can sign from any mobile device, without needing to work on a computer. Cervion reps can also send, track, and manage applications across any device. They can log into the Acrobat Sign dashboard from their mobile phone to check whether an agreement has been signed, or send a quick reminder for a signature.

“With the Acrobat Sign mobile app, we have full visibility into whether documents are opened or signed from any device,” says Alejandro. “Having this data at our fingertips allows us to react quickly so that we can get customers set up with their equipment as soon as possible.”

Powerful tool for small businesses

Cervion Systems is looking to expand use of Acrobat Sign to other types of customer communications, such as changing ownership and account information for restaurants.

“What motivates me is getting out there every day, meeting people, and helping solve their problems,” says Alejandro. “When we make clients happy, that makes me happy. Acrobat Sign is a simple yet powerful tool that enables small businesses like ours help our customers succeed.”

Cervion Systems uses Acrobat Sign to boost productivity for both customers and staff. Learn more here.