Coming in 2023 — Adobe Mix Modeler

Coming in 2023 — Adobe Mix Modeler

CMOs and their teams have always been under pressure to prove the impact of their marketing campaigns. However, an increasingly complex set of marketing activities to reach customers across more touchpoints as well as an increase in disjointed data have lowered trust and efficacy in current measurement and planning capabilities.

Today, what should be simple questions — like “What incremental impact did my video advertising drive on our back-to-school campaign?” or “How will a 10% change to paid search budgets impact bookings?” — are deceptively difficult to track, much less stake investment strategies on. The impact of marketing on business is a foundational yet ever-elusive question that marketing teams struggle to answer. As such, marketing leaders are unable to plan and adjust their discretionary marketing budgets confidently to meet their campaigns’ business outcomes.

Adobe aims to help these performance-minded marketers with an upcoming offering — Adobe Mix Modeler, an AI-powered, self-serve solution that measures marketing campaigns and optimizes planning holistically across paid, earned, and owned channels. CMOs will be able to get holistic marketing budget clarity in a unified manner, which will answer foundational questions about the impact of marketing investments on business outcomes.

The Adobe factor

Adobe Mix Modeler is grounded in the rich data already in Adobe Experience Cloud. As the market leader in owned and operated analytics data, we can reliably offer a comprehensive suite of measurement and planning solutions that spans the entire breadth of onsite and offsite customer journeys a brand invests in.

Adobe Mix Modeler will let marketers augment Experience Cloud data with new and essential summarized datasets like marketing spend, walled garden, offsite engagement, and exogenous data, giving marketing teams confidence in understanding the top-to-bottom impact of their campaigns and how they are tracking against their business objectives. The solution also standardizes data ingestion and data wrangling without data science resources, allowing teams to accelerate the time it takes to get insights and new planning models.

Moreover, Adobe Mix Modeler is powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s suite of robust AI and machine learning services. Adobe Sensei is integrated across the Adobe Experience Cloud applications our customers use every day to help drive experience-led growth. It’s built to empower marketers, data analysts, and content creators to do their best work by providing better insights, more tools, and even more time to optimize the best experience for their customers.

Key takeaways

Adobe Mix Modeler brings essential data, measurement, and planning capabilities together into a comprehensive self-serve solution, leading to a more unified measurement approach and more confident planning cycles.

With Adobe Mix Modeler, marketers will be able to:

If you’re looking to drive maximum impact on your investments or a flexible solution to shift budgets quickly, reach out to your Adobe representative to learn how you can use Adobe’s existing measurement and planning solutions today, as well as how you can benefit from Adobe Mix Modeler soon. And stay tuned for more Adobe Mix Modeler announcements in 2023.

Kiyoshi Ihara is the director of product management of the measurement and planning solutions in Adobe experience intelligence. Prior to this role, he served as the head of product for advertising search and walled garden optimization business at Adobe, and before that, he was on the client side where he had roles in performance marketing, site analytics, and engineering. These roles, spanning multiple functions and industries, give Kiyoshi a nuanced and pragmatic perspective on customer pain points and paths to solving them.