How Deloitte Digital accelerates loyalty and builds trust

How Deloitte Digital Accelerates Loyalty & Builds Trust

In today’s uncertain economic environment, chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief experience officers (CXOs) are being asked to provide greater results while keeping costs lower than ever. Leaders are challenged with staying ahead of rapidly shifting customer expectations, often struggling to find a way to build trust and loyalty.

Recent Deloitte Digital research revealed that while 79% of B2C leaders believe customers have “somewhat” or “very high” trust in their company’s brand, only 52% of customers agree. That’s a 27% gap and one that needs to close for leaders to truly understand and reach their customers. The message is clear — increase trust in your brand while doing so with less budget, less time, and fewer resources than before. All while market headwinds grow stronger and technologies continue to evolve.

At Deloitte Digital, we help businesses build, maintain, and even measure trust to close the gap. By creating personalized experiences, we enable organizations to foster customer loyalty — and ultimately growth. True growth requires a clear, future-facing vision of what’s next for each industry, a deep understanding of what drives customer needs, and expert knowledge of business challenges and opportunities. We’re here to guide CMOs and CXOs into the future, where personalization efforts are prioritized and where creating meaningful connections for customers is not merely a surprising achievement but the new normal.

Deloitte Digital’s balance of technology solutions and talent allows leaders to run an efficient operating model with accelerators that help leaders meet — and exceed — both the ambitions of their business and the expectations of their customers. Deloitte Digital helps create new growth by elevating the human experience with connected ideas, technology, and talent. And we do this to shape a better future for every single one of us. Transformation is something we do with clients, not to them. That’s why we’re consistently asked back to help our clients drive wave after wave of innovation. We use a full ecosystem of partnerships along with prebuilt, industry-specific accelerators to help align and strengthen capabilities, elevate the experiences of customers, and deliver value for organizations.

Check out our sessions to see how we are reimagining loyalty and trust for B2B and B2C clients. Schedule time with us at Adobe Summit 2023 to learn more about our world-class demos.

We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas at Summit 2023. As we count down the days, check out our website for updates and learn more about how Deloitte Digital can help organizations like yours personalize experiences to build trust and loyalty.

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