Reimagine digital experiences with the new Adobe Experience Manager Sites marquee

Reimagine digital experiences with the new Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Digital interactions are now the most critical touchpoints in a customer journey. They allow brands to tell their unique story, scale customer connections, engage in meaningful ways, and ultimately drive revenue. However, many companies struggle to reach their audiences and be found online easily. Google research shows that a slow web experience negatively impacts traffic, with over 50% of users abandoning a webpage if it doesn’t load within three seconds, costing brands over $74 billion each year in lost sales. Yet, the average load time for Fortune 100 websites is 3.55 seconds, nearly 40% longer than what’s considered a “good” experience.

At Adobe, we know that enterprises are under pressure to move faster for their customers. To help businesses meet that demand, we’re excited to announce groundbreaking innovations that will enable Adobe customers to build, author, publish, and deliver webpages in record time. The new Adobe Experience Manager Sites now includes Edge Delivery Services, a new set of composable services focused on maximizing the performance of your digital properties, at the point of customer interaction and new content authoring and editing capabilities that enable any marketer to build, edit, and publish pages within familiar tools. These capabilities help brands achieve best-in-class performance, conduct quick testing, and continually optimize and increase conversion.

With this launch, we’re raising the bar for content management and allowing brands to not only create and manage content faster than ever but also deliver delightful, high-impact experiences that translate into tangible business value.

High site performance

A one-second delay in page load time can lead to a 20% decrease in conversion, a 5% increase in bounce rates, a 10% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a search engine ranking decrease. Speed matters, and today, out-of-the-box capabilities of Edge Delivery Services make it simple to achieve optimal web performance as measured by Google Lighthouse Scores and Core Web Vitals.

“At HanesBrands, we are a digital and data-driven enterprise, always focusing on improving the consumer’s online experience. Adobe Experience Manager’s Edge Delivery is consistently producing a Lighthouse Performance score of 95–100 on our new website — an incredible jump in speed. We’re confident our consumers will notice the difference, which will positively impact the growth of our innerwear business.”

Ryan Wilson, Senior Vice President of Digital and DTC, Global at HanesBrands


To better understand what content is driving engagement and ultimately converting users to customers, new built-in experimentation tools will help brands continually test their experiences. Experimentation and automated reporting within Edge Delivery make it fast and easy to run tests and generate insights that help you optimize on-page elements or entire pages to drive higher engagement and conversion.

Expanded authoring tools

In addition to Edge Delivery Services, we’ve also made content creation quicker and more accessible with document-based authoring. This gives every marketer the ability to create and edit webpages quickly through familiar authoring tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, along with the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG web interface in Experience Manager. Additionally, with Adobe Experience Manager Assets users can now search and insert assets from the digital asset manager directly within the documents.

“With flexibility of expanded authoring with such widely known tools, authors can author SEO-perfect content lightning-fast in a scalable and secure environment with no prior web experience necessary. We launched a pilot to "lift and shift" from a complex WordPress editorial installation and delivered, as promised, a UAT-validated website in five languages within 12 weeks. We can't plan our next launches fast enough.”

Kelly Hungerford, Director of Digital Transformation Strategy & Services at Sunstar

The impact on customers

Many brands — including 24 Hour Fitness, Hanes, PGA TOUR, and Sunstar — are already realizing the benefits of using the new Experience Manager Sites innovations:

Content creation is only the first step to delivering delightful user experiences — it also needs to publish and load quickly. With the latest innovations in Adobe Experience Manager Sites, brands can not only easily and quickly create more content but also test and develop high-performing experiences rapidly to drive business results.

To learn more about Experience Manager Sites, visit our overview page or explore technical resources on how to get started with Edge Delivery Services.

Haresh Kumar has more than 18 years of experience in marketing, product and strategy for world-class enterprise brands. At Adobe, he is responsible for driving the overall strategy, product, and marketing for Adobe Experience Manager. He has been an evangelist for digital and mobile experiences, driving mobile innovations for over 10 years. He is a seasoned professional with experience in brand management, product management, product marketing, sales marketing, demand gen, and industry marketing.

Haresh started his career as an engineer and has held various leadership positions at IBM, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and Lithium Technologies. Haresh holds a B.S. with honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Economics from University of Rochester and a M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.