Level up your digital enrollment processes with these 3 strategies

Level up your digital enrollment processes with these 3 strategies

Your customers expect seamless, self-service experiences across all devices, even when it comes to filling out important forms and documents during an enrollment process. However, many organizations struggle to adapt to these growing demands at speed, especially when multiple teams are involved. IT teams are frequently tasked with creating forms that are then reviewed by marketing teams, which then provide feedback to the IT teams that can range from minor adjustments to more complex revisions.

This iterative process can lead to a backlog of IT tickets and repetitive updates, and paper-based processes exacerbate the issue, slowing down time to market. To meet this need, organizations should consider a solution that offers reusability at scale, streamlines integrations, and lowers operational costs related to enrollment processes.

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1. Go all in with reusability to achieve efficiency

High wait times and execution delays in creating and editing forms can impact your efficiency and the end-user experience. To resolve this, consider a solution designed for business users that includes themes, templates, and form fragments. This approach enables other teams to manage form processes, which reduces wait times and accelerates updates to deliver engaging experiences at scale.

For example, your organization may custom code every form. With out-of-the-box templates and components to quickly create forms with no custom coding required, you can cut down development time and create forms at lightning speed. Another reality you may be facing is the demand to create additional forms without the team size or capacity to do so. With reusable form fragments to edit once and update everywhere while creating forms from an existing base template, you can scale your form needs without additional support.

Make your teams more efficient and agile with a solution that emphasizes reusability to create dynamic enrollment experiences quickly and at scale. If you want to see how other organizations such as AbbVie, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, built an impactful and scalable approach to digital enrollment, be sure to tune in to our Adobe Summit session AbbVie: Forming Engaging & Innovative Enrollment Experiences.

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2. Maximize resources by simplifying vital integrations

You likely have a host of different solutions in your tech stack and want to use them together, but it’s difficult and costly to manage the integrations because they require heavy custom coding to implement. You need a solution that integrates seamlessly with other technology, making it easy to integrate these solutions internally to create a flawless customer journey externally.

Let’s say you’re creating an enrollment experience where end users submit a form and a workflow routes the data to the right database. This form requires a customer signature, and a copy of the form needs to live in Microsoft SharePoint. To create this experience, your IT teams have a lot of custom coding to do just to connect each step between the workflow, the e-signatures, and the record of your form. This quickly eats up hours and budget without a solution that can break down silos and automate the journey.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms integrates with Adobe Acrobat Sign for e-signatures with a few simple clicks, as well as Microsoft’s workflow platform, PowerAutomate, so you can maximize your existing IT solution investments with unmatched efficiency. Now, you can create forms with e-signatures accessible across all devices and use PowerAutomate to streamline the process with other Microsoft apps. Tap into connectors with Microsoft Teams to keep up to date with progress, SharePoint to generate copies for storage, and more.

If that sounds intriguing, learn more about how seamless workflows with Microsoft and Adobe’s low-code and no-code integrations cut down on high overhead costs and improve efficiency in the Adobe Summit session Microsoft and Adobe: Digitize and Upgrade Your Workflows.

3. Increase acquisition with customer-centric, dynamic experiences

We all know by now that customers and prospects prefer digital experiences over filling out pages of paper forms. What might not be as clear is how to offer these digital enrollment opportunities when your organization’s processes are still manual and paper-based. You need a solution that can quickly create digital forms for you so you don’t overwhelm teams with limited time and resources — and cut down on expensive paper and manual costs.

For example, your organization may want to increase its digital enrollment presence but doesn’t know where to begin with the hundreds (or thousands) of legacy forms collection. With artificial intelligence, Adobe Experience Manager Forms can convert batches of PDFs into digital forms optimized across devices. The new Wizard UI feature can also create digital forms for you based on the user’s answers to questions about what the form should include. These forms can be paired with prefilled data capabilities to ensure customer enrollment is enjoyable with a guided digital experience.

Once you’ve digitized and slashed paper costs, you’ll need a solution that will continue to simplify the digital enrollment process. Through seamless integrations with Experience Manager Sites, your organization will be able to scale and create experiences with ease. You also need to continuously enhance your customer experiences on emerging channels to increase enrollments — and, more importantly, conversions. Using innovative features such as Headless Adaptive Forms allows you to create enrollment experiences in chat pods and other interactive channels to meet your customer where they are to ensure the best experience anytime, anywhere.

Interested in simplifying the process of creating digital forms, creating engaging forms at scale, and delivering a rich customer experience across any and all channels? Sign up for our 2023 Experience Manager Forms Top Innovations session to hear how your organization can leverage Experience Manager Forms to accomplish your customer acquisition and retention goals. And if you want to try out these new innovations yourself, check out our hands-on lab around the best practices Build Engaging Forms Using Core Components and Headless, or stop by our booth to learn more.

You might think you know forms, but there’s so much more to learn. With all the exciting innovations, we’re excited to see more organizations reimagine their digital enrollment strategy. Starting with a platform that supports reusability at scale and seamless integrations, your legacy workflows can finally be paper-free — so you can deliver the best customer experience across any touchpoint.