New innovations for Adobe Campaign to meet changing dynamics for marketers

Adobe Campaign v8 is designed for cross-channel marketers who need best-in-class cross-channel campaign management and a cloud solution with enterprise scale.

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In the past year, consumers have flocked to online channels for purchases, research, and to connect with brands. These evolving habits, dynamics, and priorities have accelerated the pace of change for marketers, making it more vital than ever for marketers to be agile and do things quickly and at scale.

Scale isn’t just dealing with messy data sets and massive volumes of data for queries and reports or reaching millions of customers quickly. It also has to do with scaling tactics across teams, channels, and customer experience strategies.

This can be a challenge, as marketers work with stale data sets or have to wait forever for data to be processed when working with complex or sizable queries, especially when managing experiences across multiple channels. This results in missed opportunities to provide meaningful experiences when customers engage and inefficiencies in managing cross-channel strategies that result in higher costs.

We are bringing innovations with a new major version release of Adobe Campaign to address these challenges and the rapidly evolving dynamics in cross-channel marketing. The Adobe Campaign team is excited to announce that Adobe Campaign version 8 will be generally available at the end of May 2021. Adobe Campaign v8 is designed for cross-channel marketers who need the best-in-class cloud solution for cross-channel campaign management with enterprise scale.

This release brings significant infrastructure, security, deliverability, and monitoring enhancements. By leveraging the new Cloud Database Manager, Adobe Campaign can now leverage cloud scale database technologies to dramatically improve its scale and speed. This gives organizations the ability to manage 100s of millions of customer profiles, as well as much higher message delivery rates across both batch and transactional messaging.

Adobe Campaign Highlights:

Additionally, Adobe Campaign v8 will be available as a Managed Cloud Service, providing marketers with a more agile, secure and scalable cross-channel campaign management solution with a low total cost of ownership. The new offering combines best-in-class services with proactive oversight and timely alerting, focusing on three areas:

This release is a game-changer for marketers. They will be able to run queries and launch cross-channel campaigns at a never-before-seen scale, increase message delivery and preparation speed to high volumes, save time, and gain efficiencies so they can spend more time focusing on the customer experience.

Our beta customers are providing positive feedback regarding the strategy and investments we are making in Adobe Campaign. Early feedback includes reassurance of the investments they’ve made in Adobe Campaign, as well as planned future investments with the Adobe ecosystem. One beta customer saw immediate results on data management capabilities, running queries ten times faster and sending outbound offers at scale. Another indicated that Adobe makes the right choice and helps remove major obstacles and challenges by focusing on performance, scale and big data.

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