Students: Fill & Sign Your School Forms from Home with Acrobat Reader

Back when everyone was in the classroom, handing out paper forms to students, or their parents, to fill, sign, and return the next day was commonplace. Think about checking out technology from school, participating in a talent show, or going on a fieldtrip (ahhh, remember fields trips? They’ll be back!).

As students move up through the grades, the amount of forms they need to complete only increases – signing up for sports or clubs, submitting volunteer hours, tracking personal expenses, or even applying for next year’s classes. Just because in-person school is on hiatus doesn’t mean that forms and permission slips stop.

With most students having access to a device of some kind in the home – a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – filling out, signing, and sending forms digitally is super simple. Technology, like Google Forms, solves some of this paperwork problem, but what if a forms isn’t a Google Form? What if it’s a PDF? What if it’s paper? And, what if it requires a signature?

With Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader app, anyone can easily fill, sign, and send forms from any device. If your form is digital, but not a PDF, you can convert it into a PDF using our free Acrobat online conversion tool. If someone hands you a physical piece of paper to fill out, use the Adobe Scan app to snap a picture and turn it into a digital, fillable form in no time. Open it up in Reader and voilà: an electronic document that can be filled out, signed, and sent to any teacher or organization in a jiffy. You can even autofill fields like name, address, date, and phone number to save time and reduce errors.

Like with a lot of technology, once you fill out a form digitally in Acrobat Reader, you’ll wonder why you ever did it the old way with pen and paper. To put it in high school English terms, Acrobat Reader is to forms as the calculator is to long division.

Take your schoolwork, homework, and all work to the next level by downloading Acrobat Reader today.

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