Sugarfina partners with Adobe to deliver advanced omnichannel fulfillment experiences

Adobe partners with Sugarfina to deliver advanced omnichannel fulfillment experiences

Adobe has partnered with Sugarfina, a luxury candy brand with boutiques throughout the US, Canada, and Hong Kong, to offer advanced omnichannel fulfillment experiences for their guests. Sugarfina plans to enable buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) and curbside capabilities with Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce.

More of Sugarfina’s guests want the flexibility to choose how their orders are fulfilled, especially now with rising shipping costs or increased delays due to supply chain issues. By offering multiple fulfillment options, Sugarfina can provide additional convenience and speed to meet guest demands and match their preferences. BOPIS can also continue to provide a COVID-19-safe fulfillment option for guests looking for merchandise pick-up options.

“Our focus for ecommerce is to deliver a premium guest experience at every touchpoint. Partnering with Adobe Commerce for our BOPIS strategy allows us to provide a seamless and top-notch omnichannel fulfillment experience,” said Scott LaPorta, CEO at Sugarfina. “This technology allows us to stay competitive and meet our ecommerce goals.”

With Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce, Sugarfina is able to easily implement an advanced BOPIS guest experience that will help their boutique teams accurately fill orders quickly, and accurately. Store Fulfillment will also help Sugarfina with improving store-level supply and inventory allocation to drive timely local fulfillment.

Seamless, end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment experiences like BOPIS can also help Sugarfina maximize their boutiques’ productivity and increase guest satisfaction, conversion rates, and average order value, all while reducing costs. BOPIS can also unlock a new revenue stream for Sugarfina, especially since guests often search for products from retailers that offer BOPIS before they begin their shopping experience.

Sugarfina plans to enable store fulfillment so they can further enhance the end-to-end guest shopping experience with advanced omnichannel fulfillment for 16 boutiques in the US.

Sugarfina has also been working with Adobe Commerce on other ways they can further personalize shopping experiences for guests. So far, they have seen success using Product Recommendations, powered by Adobe Sensei, to offer customized experiences to guests — which has already resulted in tremendous revenue growth in a short amount of time.

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