Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 Release Notes

Updates to Adobe Commerce support dates and release schedule

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 will help future-proof your business with the latest technologies and features. Built on the newest version of PHP (8.1), it delivers:

Spend fewer resources on platform maintenance and more time curating exceptional experiences for your customers, thanks to:

To ensure you are fully supported to transition to 2.4.4, Adobe Commerce has:

Start preparing for Adobe Commerce 2.4 now.

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 provides a strong foundation for the future of your commerce business. Now is the time to start working with your partner or development team to plan your transition.

Our 2.4 Upgrade Guide walks through the steps and best practices to follow when upgrading to an Adobe Commerce 2.4 version, and our Upgrade Compatibility Tool will help you analyze and visualize the potential incompatibilities of any upgrade in just minutes, making the planning process much easier and less time-intensive.

Managed Services customers can work with our Customer Engineering team for assistance with several components of the upgrade process, including:

Register for the webinar.

We welcome and encourage you and your teams to register and join us to prepare for the 2.4.4 release. The recording will also be available on demand shortly after the event under the Adobe Experience League Tutorials section.

Adobe is proud to be your partner in powering and transforming your digital commerce business. We can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months.

Frequently asked questions regarding Adobe Commerce.

What’s in Adobe Commerce 2.4.4?

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 has been designed to help you futureproof your business. Packed with features that deliver improved security and performance, it’s the fastest, most scalable version of the platform to date. It’s also the most secure and stable Adobe Commerce yet.

What is Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 built on?

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 is built on the newest version of the scripting language PHP. PHP describes PHP 8.1 as a ‘major update’ to the language. With it you can enjoy a more stable site with enhanced security to ensure your ecommerce operation is fit for the future.

Is Adobe Commerce headless?

Adobe Commerce is fully headless. Front end teams can work at pace and with agility to build and test experiences on the fly, independent of the main platform. This decoupled architecture uses a GraphQL API layer, the coverage of which is increased in Adobe Commerce 2.4.4.