Codeless Data Mapping

Quickly integrate data sources without any custom development and visually map entities to form fields and documents to personalize customer experiences and automate application processing across various internal departments and stakeholders.

See it. Map it. Maximize the experience.

To maximize your application automation and personalized experience delivery, your business needs to cull from a variety of data sources and platforms — and sometimes connecting those dots can be a challenge.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms codeless data mapping, unifying critical back-end systems and data sources is simple and visual. Thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop approach, it’s easy to integrate key sources while mapping workflows, processes, and desired experiences — no coding needed.

See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Visual drag-and-drop data integrations

If you can see it, you can integrate it. With a fully visual drag-and-drop approach, map data to form fields, workflow steps, and document content.

Easier automation and personalization

Once mapped, automate application processing and personalize key customer experiences across any internal department or stakeholder.


Adapt, evolve, and engage

Key applications, including adaptive forms and interactive communications, require integration with data sources to pull in customer insights — now, it’s always a drag and drop away.

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Integrate your existing data.

Integrate your existing data.

Learn how to fetch data for adaptive forms and send data back to update the respective data sources in our Help section.

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Out-of-the-box data connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors connect to RDBMS (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle), Microsoft Dynamics and other back-end systems, and they use common protocols like OData, Swagger 2.0 Rest, or SOAP connect to just about anything.

Personalized communications

Deliver personalized communications to each individual customer without the need for manual intervention by integrating data from back-end systems directly into your document templates.

Auto form fill

Prefill forms and automate workflows with data from back-end systems like CRM and ERP and post submission data back to your back-end system, and let customers reduce keystrokes with mobile device features.

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