Create a customer experience without boundaries.

Media and entertainment brands have been creating experiences since long before the experience revolution began. But the conditions are no longer set by the brands, they're set by the consumers. For some, this is cause for concern. For forward-thinking experience businesses, this is an opportunity.

Create a customer experience without boundaries

The customer journey has many paths. You can personalize all of them.

Mobile devices and other digital channels can give you deep insights about your customers. Now you can use marketing data and technology to engage with customers on their terms — in their channels, on their screens, and on their devices. With Adobe Experience Cloud, you can analyze and act on combined insights from all of your channels, serve relevant, cross-channel experiences to your most valuable audiences, and attract more segments like them.

We help you address the marketing challenges unique to media and entertainment.


Don’t just attract audiences. Attract the right audiences.

Businesses in media and entertainment want eyeballs. More people reading, watching, and consuming. It’s easy to get so focused on this that no one is thinking about the quality of the customer. We help you not only increase your audiences, but fill their ranks with customers who bring you more value and engagement.


Understand your customers at a deeper level.

Customers are people. That means that they’re complicated, and no single set of data is going to give you the whole picture of who they are and what motivates them. Gather data from all of your sources and stitch it together to get a 360-degree view of your customers across time, channels, and devices.


Be on every screen your customer uses.

Today’s customer experience is one of multiple screens and multiple devices. It’s not enough to just be on the “main” one. You need to be on all of them, and the experience needs to be continuous and seamless.


Strengthen cross-channel campaigns through automation and personalization.

As you hope to move your customers from trial to purchase to renewal or upgrade, you improve your chances of success through strategic automation and personalization. This helps you create consistency and relevance across devices and channels.


Build your business on a solid digital foundation.

The media and entertainment industry has gone digital. The technology that supports digital media provides you with the best insights, efficiencies, and opportunities for success. Create systems, workflows, and organizational structures to get the most out your digital experiences.

See how media and entertainment businesses create excellent experiences.



See how USA Today customizes content for its 110 million monthly visitors.

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Entertain and engage your customers. We can help.

It’s simple — your customers just want a good experience. What sets that standard today is a pretty high bar. See how Adobe Experience Cloud sets you up to meet and exceed the expectations unique to your industry by visiting our media and entertainment resources page.