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Camelot 3PL Software uses Adobe Learning Manager to help clients and internal teams deploy technology solutions and enable 3PL warehouses to deliver logistics services efficiently.




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Measure individual achievement and skills


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Deliver informative, interactive training to help customers succeed with their new technologies

Track training completion to keep customers’ implementations on schedule and plan next steps

Reduce dependence on development team by using tools with strong out-of-box capabilities

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Monitor all users from one dashboard

Measure individual achievement and skill for certifications

Motivate users through leaderboards

Deliver a dozen skill-based learning paths

Intelligent logistics

Logistics is the engine that powers any company and drives it to success. That’s why some companies leave logistics and supply chain management operations to the experts, working with third-party logistics (3PL) services. Camelot 3PL Software develops warehouse management software and other solutions for the third-party logistics industry. Through Excalibur, an integrated suite of applications, Camelot helps its 3PL customers gain intelligence and visibility that they need to work smarter and provide more efficient services for their clients.

For customers to get the most from their Camelot software implementations, everyone who interacts with the systems — from warehouse workers to executives — must understand how to use the software correctly. Camelot works with its customers to give users the skills that they need through a mix of online and in-person training, but the lack of a learning management system (LMS) limited Camelot’s ability to administer online training.

“Online learning accounts for about 30% to 50% of the training depending on the customers’ needs,” says Tola Ogidan, Manager of Consulting at Camelot 3PL Software. “Users would watch training videos and complete a quiz, and then we would record the quiz scores in a spreadsheet. But this didn’t actually give us accurate information about how individual users were performing in their training.”

Ogidan and her team lacked an easy way of tracking training progress other than calling managers for updates. If they didn’t receive quizzes from users it could mean that users were falling behind in their training schedule, or it could mean that they were caught up on videos but still needed to submit their quizzes. Some users also treated training as a team effort, working on quizzes together or copying correct answers from each other. This made it difficult to judge whether individual users were properly absorbing the information.

“We understand that people want to concentrate on the work in front of them, but for the sake of the implementation, it’s just as important that users learn the process behind Camelot solutions,” says Ogidan. “We decided that we needed a professional LMS with greater visibility so that we could better monitor users’ learning.”

“With the help of Adobe Learning Manager, we’re preparing our customers to get the most out of our technologies and processes.”

Tola Ogidan

Manager of Consulting, Camelot 3PL Software

Out-of-the-box compatibility

Ogidan considered having Camelot’s expert developers create a homegrown LMS that could provide all the features that the team needed, but that would take resources away from creating improvements and new features for Camelot’s products. Then Ogidan heard about the Adobe Learning Manager.

“We were already using Adobe Captivate to create material for our online learning, so it made sense to work with Adobe Learning Manager as our LMS as we knew that there would be no compatibility issues,” says Ogidan. “Adobe Learning Manager has so many features, far beyond anything offered by the competition. Everything is available right out of the box, so we didn’t need to devote development resources for customizations. It didn’t just solve our problems; it opened the door to help us make our training even better.”

Bringing lessons to life

Through Adobe Learning Manager, Camelot can deliver a mix of highly-interactive lessons that engage users and make learning more enjoyable. Interactive videos, simulations, and written manuals are delivered through a single tool and brought to life with vivid characters and animations that help new information stick in users’ minds.

Camelot can also encourage greater user involvement through gamification. Users earn points for completing lessons, with bonus points given for actions such as finishing the lesson first. Users can see their point ranking on the leaderboard, providing motivation through friendly competition.

“Our users generally carve time for training out of their full-time jobs, so it can be hard to convince them that it’s important to sit down and watch a video,” says Ogidan. “The gamification element in Adobe Learning Manager rewards people for going above and beyond, giving them the motivation they need to schedule time for training.”

“Adobe Learning Manager has so many features, far beyond anything offered by the competition. Everything is available right out of the box, so we didn’t need to devote development resources for customizations.”

Tola Ogidan

Manager of Consulting, Camelot 3PL Software

Keeping learners on track

On average, Camelot onboards five to ten new customer accounts every quarter with dozens of users trained each month. The Learning Manager dashboard helps Ogidan gain a clear picture of how every user is performing in training.

“In most cases, customers start out with online training and then finish up with in-person sessions with one of our trainers,” says Ogidan. “We can’t move on to in-person training until online training is complete, so it’s important that users stick to the schedule for online training. With Adobe Learning Manager, we have a clear view of whether users are progressing. We can remind our customers about deadlines if we see users falling behind. And since all users have their own accounts, we know that they’re doing the work themselves and absorbing information.”

Through Adobe Learning Manager, Camelot created nearly a dozen different learning paths for users depending on their roles, such as accountant, system manger, and supervisor. There are even multiple levels of skill for customer service representatives and warehouse workers. Previously, all videos were uploaded to a single location and users had to sort through the required videos. Now, users can clearly see the lessons for their skill sets from their learner dashboards, removing confusion.

Camelot onboards a wide range of users from the new customers they gain each month. The Adobe Learning Manager dashboard helps Ogidan gain a clear picture of how every learner in Camelot University is performing during their online training.

Ongoing training support

Camelot rolled out Adobe Learning Manager to customers first, but Ogidan is also starting to use it to reach internal teams. Camelot’s trainers must be experts in their products, so training is a continuous process. Using Learning Manager, Camelot will be able to onboard new trainers and monitor ongoing training efforts with greater ease.

“We were looking for a LMS that would help us organize quiz results and monitor user progress, but Adobe Learning Manager helps us do so much more,” says Ogidan. “We’re delivering lessons in engaging ways and monitoring individual achievement without using development resources. With the help of Adobe Learning Manager, we’re preparing our customers to get the most out of our technologies and processes.”


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