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Life Fitness provides training that motivates and appeals to learners around the world.




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Increased use of e-learning content

Received the eLearning award in 2018 for usability

“As digital becomes more and more important, we were looking for an LMS that would support modern learning experiences and user-friendliness. That's why we chose Adobe Learning Manager.”

Fran Keijmes

ISBU Installation Manager, Life Fitness

Training diverse target groups worldwide

Life Fitness provides training that motivates and appeals to learners around the world. The company uses modern learning methods, such as skill-based learning, interactive videos, and quizzes, delivered via a highly automated and easy-to-use learning management system (LMS).

One of the leading premium brands in the global fitness equipment market, Life Fitness has a very diverse target audience, including internal and external staff and partners that are distributed across several business units worldwide, such as product installation, support, and sales. To reach all learners, the company needs an easy-to-use, digital solution that is flexible and supports multiple languages. Life Fitness provides training for the installation and use of its equipment, in addition to soft skills to ensure great support and sales success.

Requirements for a future-proof LMS

Several years ago, Life Fitness invested a lot of time and money in developing its own LMS. However, as digital took center stage, it quickly became obsolete and no longer fulfilled its requirements, so the company started looking for a powerful and sustainable LMS with a global reach. The system needed to be multilingual, easy to use and support multitenancy. Motivating learners through the use of modern learning methods and providing international support were also important factors.

reflact AG, the Adobe Competence Center for Digital Learning Solutions, held a workshop in which it presented the skill-based learning approach. During the workshop, reflact AG worked together with Life Fitness to identify the company's specific skills. They then launched a pilot that included the creation of learning programs to teach those skills and make them available via Adobe Learning Manager.

Learners from different target groups were asked to complete these self-study learning programs to test their usability and ability to motivate learners. The feedback from these learners was instrumental in deciding to purchase a new LMS — Life Fitness opted for Adobe Learning Manager in combination with the Adobe Presenter Video Express authoring tool.

More time for what really matters

Life Fitness learning content mainly consists of interactive videos, which are available in six languages. To enrich the learning experience, the platform also features quizzes, which make it possible to measure learning success. Learners can work toward levels for the different courses by earning badges, which in turn increases motivation.

At the same time, the system is highly automated to simplify administrative tasks. For example, learning content can automatically be assigned to groups and automatic reports can be created thanks to the robust cloud-based system, which also runs on servers located in Germany. As a result, this frees up time for e-learning stakeholders to focus on the aspects of the learning process that really matter.

High adoption and valuable collaboration

Since the introduction of Adobe Learning Manager, the use of e-learning content has increased considerably in comparison with the old LMS, demonstrating a high level of adoption among users.

Fran Keijmes, ISBU Installation Manager at Life Fitness, is impressed by the drive of innovation shown by Adobe Digital Learning Solutions and their collaboration on the project: "For us, one of the most important factors during this project was the drive of innovation shown by Adobe. We acquired the Adobe Learning Manager LMS and the relevant tools from one vendor, and they are constantly updated and enhanced. reflact AG was also a major contributor to the success of our project. We found their experience and support in designing, developing, and implementing the learning processes very valuable."

About Life Fitness

Life Fitness is one of the leading premium brands in the global fitness equipment market — both in gyms and at home. The company is made up of several divisions, including Installation, Support, and Sales, which operate worldwide, and engage both internal and external partners and staff.

About reflact AG

Leveraging our digital solutions, we help your company and employees grow to ensure your future success. We digitally transform methods, tools, and processes involved in HR and organizational development. Our partner, Adobe, has recognized our strengths and therefore appointed us as the Adobe Competence Center for Digital Learning Solutions. As a strategic partner, we work closely with Adobe's Learning and Web Conferencing business units to drive the German-speaking market.

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