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Make better business decisions driven by data

Build a culture of analytics across the organization

Promote self-service data analytics usage across teams

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Two-thirds of Adobe Analytics users have built skills through Adobe Experience League

Leads teams to take on more advanced analytics use cases, such as campaign attribution for sales insights

Drives self-service analytics reporting, leading to faster decision making and less risk for taking on larger campaigns

Empowering seniors to live evergreen

India is the second most populated country in the world, with more than one billion people. While the number of people living in the country continues to grow gradually, its senior population is expanding rapidly. The population of the 60+ age group is growing at 4% year-on-year, as compared to India’s overall population growth of 2% year-on-year. In fact, projections show that by 2041, senior citizens will form around 20% of India’s overall population — representing an increasingly powerful consumer demographic.

In 2016, Tapan Mishra founded Seniority to meet the specific needs of this growing consumer group. Through its e-commerce platform and offline experience zones, the omnichannel retailer offers curated solutions for senior citizens and their caregivers, ranging from medical and wellness to lifestyle and leisure products. As the world has quickly gone digital, the resources available to the elderly have also evolved, and understanding the changing dynamics of this audience is critical to the brand’s growth.

“Better data leads to better business decisions,” says Akash Agrawal, Digital Marketing & Growth Head at Seniority. “By encouraging our teams to understand customer patterns and behaviors, we can create an optimized experience for customers across our e-commerce site and in our retail stores.”

Teams across the company — from digital marketing to IT to sourcing and inventory — use Adobe Analytics to understand customer behavior and drive business growth. However, with so many teams relying on data to make decisions, the load on the analytics team increased.

Analytics manager Harshit Jain knows how important data is to the company, and he wanted to promote greater self-service among teams. Jain encouraged Seniority teams to start taking advantage of Adobe Experience League to develop and broaden their skills, answer questions, and become more effective data users.

“There is a tremendous amount of information and insight that can be achieved with Adobe Analytics, but to get the most from the solution, we wanted to invest some time into developing a data strategy and learning how to accomplish it,” says Jain. “Adobe Experience League is just what we needed to encourage learning for all levels and roles.”

Promoting data-driven decision making

Data about online customer behavior is important for nearly every function at Seniority. The digital marketing team monitors how effectively marketing campaigns drive customers to the website or stores. To build better customer experiences, the product team checks how target audiences are using the website, while the sourcing and inventory team uses data to determine how to introduce new, curated product lines. The content management team oversees the Seniority blog, and audience data helps them determine what type of content encourages visitors to engage with the Seniority brand. Even the IT team relies heavily on web data to quickly identify and resolve performance issues on the website.

Adobe Analytics provides rapid, real-time data for all these areas. It pulls in offline information from retail stores, giving Seniority a larger overview of its customer data. Creating a single source for customer intelligence facilitates better team alignment and helps them build strategies that complement each other.

“We researched the top analytics options available and saw that Adobe Analytics was clearly a leader in the field,” says Jain. “One aspect we really liked about it was how user-friendly and flexible it is. We can build custom reports and then visualize information in a snap, allowing teams to quickly interpret the data and make better decisions.”

“One of the highlights of Adobe Experience League is the community. Everyone is so responsive and eager to answer questions or discuss ideas.”

Harshit Jain

Analytics Manager, Seniority

Learning to embrace data

As data became more ingrained in day-to-day team operations, Jain and his analytics team spent more time servicing requests from across the company for dynamic reports and alerts. Jain thought that with just a little bit of training, even non-technical team members could learn to use Adobe Analytics to create their own dashboards, view reports, and become more sophisticated data consumers.

To accomplish this, the Adobe Customer Success Manager, Sundeep Saluja, introduced Jain to Adobe Experience League. Through demonstrations of the Experience League platform, he showed Jain how employees can use guided learning paths to learn more about their specific use cases, whether it’s tracking down website errors or identifying new audiences. Saluja also worked closely with Jain to keep Seniority up to date on the latest resources and enhancements to Experience League.

“There’s so much in Adobe Experience League, from videos to presentations to interactive content,” says Jain. “But one of the highlights of Adobe Experience League is the community. Everyone is so responsive and eager to answer questions or discuss ideas. If someone has an idea for using data in a new way at Seniority, they can turn to the community to get advice, input, and encouragement.”

Seniority has around 95 active Adobe Analytics users, and more than 60 have completed a course through Adobe Experience League. With greater understanding of Adobe Analytics, team members now create and pull their own reports, giving them greater access to real-time results. This has allowed Seniority to take the plunge with bigger campaigns. Because teams can check data, make quick decisions, and shift directions as needed, there is less risk for these campaigns — and more confidence in the analysis and decisions that sparked them.

Teams are also diving into more advanced analytics use cases. For example, the Seniority digital marketing team was traditionally divided by medium. People working on social media, email, or video measured KPIs for their own campaigns, but the team didn’t look at performance across channels. Now the digital marketing team has adopted Adobe Analytics for more advanced multi-touch attribution analysis to determine how each campaign contributes to overall sales. This leap in analytics maturity can be attributed in part to the greater collective understanding of Adobe Analytics enabled by Adobe Experience League.

“Adobe Experience League helps us get the best results. It gives teams the confidence that they can accomplish more with data, and it helps us build a healthier analytics culture at Seniority.”

Harshit Jain

Analytics Manager, Seniority

Building a culture of analytics

Jain has taken multiple steps to promote Adobe Experience League internally. With support from Saluja and Adobe, Jain has started building internal quizzes based on different learning courses. Teams are encouraged to take a course, complete the quiz, and engage in friendly competition with their teammates for the top score.

“Adobe Experience League helps us get the best results,” says Jain. “It gives teams the confidence that they can accomplish more with data, and it helps us build a healthier analytics culture at Seniority. I would recommend Adobe Experience League for any company that also wants to take the next step forward in analytics.”

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