Automotive Dialogues: Driving CX

Session 3: Creativity in Motion. Driving future success through creative design.

On-demand session

How self-driving cars, personalization and digital design are changing the future for OEMs.

Watch the teaser video with Scott Belsky

Watch the teaser video with Benjamin Nawka.

Can brands benefit from the radical new technologies that are redefining the driving experience?

Digital innovations such as augmented and virtual reality, and the metaverse are combining with self-driving cars to fundamentally change how we interact with our customers and how our customers interact with our cars. 

In this exclusive video session we discuss: 

  • How to drive innovation while preserving tradition. 
  • Vehicle design vs software design.
  • What are the biggest opportunities for OEMs in the digital experience space?
  • What new in-car innovations will become the norm?

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Join Jan Borgwardt as he speaks with Scott Belsky and Benjamin Nawka to get their unique insights on the challenges and opportunities this shift in consumer experience presents to automotive manufacturers.

Our guests

Benjamin Nawka

Creative Director CN & New Business MGMT at studiokurbos GmbH

CEO and Founder German Design Hub

Former Chief Designer Borgward Group

Scott Belsky

Chief Strategy Officer
EVP Design & Emerging Products

Our speaker

Jan Borgwardt

Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe Adobe Digital Strategy Group

Creativity in Motion.

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