Automotive Dialogues: Driving CX 

Session: Brand building in a hyper-personalized market.

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Automotive Session: Brand building in times of hyper-personalization.

How can your automotive brands balance the needs of different target groups with conflicting interests?  

In our first instalment of our Automotive Dialogues: Driving CX Series, we aim to provide you with unique insights by taking a look at exciting topics: 

•  What is a “brand” today, what does it mean for an OEM?

•  How can a brand still fulfil its purpose in a world that is more diverse ever? 

•  How can I surprise new target groups without diluting my brand message?

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Join us as Jan Borgwardt talks about brand building in times of hyper-personalization with Dieter Zetsche.

Our guest

Dr. Dieter Zetsche,

Advisory Board Member Positions & Former Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG / Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

Our speaker

Jan Borgwardt, 

Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe Adobe Digital Strategy Group 

Brand building in a hyper-personalized market.

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