Automotive Dialogues: Driving CX

Session 2: Unlocking opportunities through impactful onboarding with smart Europe and BMW.

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Can digital onboarding experiences fuel customer relationships and revenue?

Petrol or Diesel. eCars or share cars. Updated sensors and updates over the air – modern vehicles have a lot to talk about.

Join us to see how BMW and smart Europe are using digital onboarding to help personalize their customer engagements and digital onboarding discussing topics including:

  • How the onboarding experience can nourish lasting customer relationships.
  • How to educate your customers to unlock new features.
  • How experiences can become business drivers.

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Join Jan Borgwardt as he discusses digital onboarding with Dr. Jens Thiemer and Björn Schick.
Our guests

Dr. Jens Thiemer

Senior Vice President Customer & Brand

BMW Group

Björn Schick

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

smart Europe GmbH

Our speaker

Jan Borgwardt

Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe Adobe Digital Strategy Group


Unlocking opportunities through impactful onboarding.

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