A Game Plan for Personalization: Fireside Chat with Peyton & Eli Manning - K103

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  • Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning

    Two-Time Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback, Five-Time NFL, MVP and Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame,

  • Eli Manning

    Eli Manning

    Two-Time Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback and Two-Time Super Bowl MVP,

  • Ehren Hozumi

    Ehren Hozumi

    VP/GM Industries, Adobe


Today’s customers expect highly relevant, highly personalized one-to-one experiences that anticipate their needs. And today’s Experience Makers now have the power to deliver this to all of their customers. Discover how industry leaders are shaping the future of the digital economy through scalable personalization, and learn what it means to approach every customer experience more personally.

Join Super Bowl-winning brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, along with Adobe executives, standout customers and analysts for a discussion on making great experiences.

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Type: Keynote

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