More efficient onboarding with 98% fewer clicks.

Data#3 transforms HR contract processes using Adobe Sign integrated with Salesforce.


Employees: More than 1,100
Head Office: Brisbane, Queensland


Reduction in contract processing clicks    


Improve inefficient contract processes

Secure signed contracts faster

Reduce employee onboarding time


1,200+ completed contracts in 4 months

20 hours saved per week in administrative time

Decreased employee onboarding time

98% reduction in contract processing clicks from 92 to just 2

“Adobe Sign gave us the ability to be immediate in our engagement and onboarding of employees.”


Janelle Phillips
General Manager - People Solutions, Data#3

Sign of the times

With information and communications technology (ICT) services now more vital than ever to running a successful organisation, the seamless sourcing and onboarding of ICT professionals is essential. As leaders in the design, deployment, and management of business technology solutions, Data#3 understands the importance of rapidly filling open positions with talented people.

Competition in this field is fierce, so Data#3 is continually on the lookout for anything that can deliver an edge. In the past, the company encountered obstacles while trying to preserve efficient contract processes. Its resourcing business found the contract lifecycle frequently congested with paperwork, slowing the onboarding process and intermittently causing missed opportunities.

Integrating Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, with Salesforce, Data#3’s resourcing division is now able to onboard full-time employees and contractors much faster and at a lower cost.

“We wanted to improve the efficiency of the number of employment contracts issued daily to speed up processing,” explains Janelle Phillips, General Manager - People Solutions at Data#3.

Traditional, paper-based contracts were a slow and laborious process. The HR team would manually email a contract, and the employee prospect would have to print, sign, scan, and email it back. Sometimes they would have to mail contracts. The whole process could take several days. “Now our contract processing has been reduced from 92 steps down to just 2,” says Phillips. “This means when we have short-term contractors, we can issue the employment contracts and then track, integrate, and finalise them for our recruitment division. We have seen dramatic improvements in handling information and processing.”

“Our ability to hire quicky has improved tenfold. When there’s a hot candidate in an active market, you have to move quickly.”


Tash Macknish
Group Manager – Organisational Development & Human Resources, Data#3

Similarly, the need to act quickly to get staff onsite was challenging due to manually processing employment documents. “We work in a contingent labor market, so it’s critical to put resources onsite quickly,” explains Phillips. “Manual contract processing was ineffective when needing to onboard someone to be onsite in 24 hours.”

Data#3 quickly realised that more efficiencies could be gained by implementing similar processes in Human Resources for its own full-time employees.

According to Tash Macknish, Group Manager – Organisational Development & Human Resources at Data#3, “Our ability to hire quicky has improved tenfold. When there’s a hot candidate in an active market, you have to move quickly.”    

“Our onboarding process is now just one click and the documents are sent for e-signature. At the same time, the integrity of data coming back to us is accurate.”


Joel Richards
Team Leader – Salesforce, Data#3

Automating contract processes

By implementing Adobe Sign, Data#3 overcame many of the issues slowing processes in resourcing. According to Phillips, “Adobe Sign gave us the ability to be immediate in our engagement and onboarding of employees.”

When onboarding staff, the process is significantly reduced by substituting printed paperwork with the more effective digital process using Adobe Sign integrated with Salesforce. Now all employment contracts are received via Adobe Sign, saving Data#3 20 hours per week in administrative time, while saving money through reduced paper storage and records management.

In addition, the inclusion of mandatory fields and field validation has almost eliminated a person’s chance of making errors when completing paperwork, meaning incidents of missing information have been reduced to virtually zero.

In the past, the company would make a verbal offer, and then create the paperwork. This meant filling in the details online, replicating the information, spell-checking, printing two copies, and then mailing them via express post, including a return envelope. This could take days or even weeks to come back, depending on where the employee was located or if they were transitioning to their new role. Without fail a critical part of the paperwork, such as Tax File Number or bank account details, would be missing, stalling the process. Now those fields are mandatory in the electronic process.

“With approximately 20 to 30 roles open at any one time, the amount of physical paperwork to manage was getting out of control,” explains Macknish. “Any change to a contract would require another version of a document, which resulted in onboarding delays. In some instances, contracts would go back and forth 10 times before finalising. We’ve now had a record of an employee being sent and returning a contract within 2 minutes, all fully recorded and auditable.”

Joel Richards, Team Leader – Salesforce at Data#3, explains, “Our onboarding process is now just one click and the documents are sent for e-signature. At the same time, the integrity of data coming back to us is accurate.”

Prior to implementation, sensitive personal information such as bank account details and Tax File Numbers would come in via post or email and be processed by several people before being saved and forwarded to payroll—an approach that could jeopardise security. Adobe Sign gives Data#3 the ability to restrict access to sensitive data to those with a specific business purpose to access it.

For example, personal details can be entered by candidates, and information only becomes visible to the appropriate department where access to the information is needed. This helps ensure the security, compliance, and privacy of sensitive data under the relevant government data privacy acts.

Adobe Sign also offers the ability to recall and send an updated contract. This simple process helps ensure everyone has the latest version of the contract. Plus, Adobe Sign enables Salesforce to automatically trigger actions such as the inclusion of an attachment for superannuation.

“Adobe Sign has given our customers a better experience.”


Janelle Phillips
General Manager - People Solutions, Data#3

Mobile ready

Adopting Adobe Sign also benefits Data#3’s job applicants by enabling them to electronically sign employment contracts on mobile devices from anywhere at any time.

“Adobe Sign has given our customers a better experience,” says Phillips. “Previously, contracts had to be manually processed and signed. Now, with the ability to sign on mobile devices, there’s no need for printing, verification, manually signing, or meeting up to better secure contracts.”

Use of Adobe Sign produced another unexpected benefit, enabling Data#3 to check if a client’s insurance is still valid and avoid having a project stalled at an inopportune moment.

For instance, the company has some contracts requiring a client to have his or her own insurance. The resourcing and HR teams can now automatically trigger a reminder for the client to update details regarding the end date, and if the project extends beyond that date, the team can send a note via Adobe Sign to refresh insurance details. All the client has to do is fill in the details and everything is automatically updated.

As an ICT company at the forefront of the industry, it’s important for Data#3 to embrace technology that improves the experience of all staff. This is also reflected in the company’s win of The Australian Business Awards for Employer of Choice (EOC) in 2017.

Adobe Sign has removed the majority of paper processes from the recruitment and HR divisions of Data#3, enabling the company to remain highly competitive in the world of ICT services. The heightened efficiency has resulted in saved time and money, as well as empowered Data#3 to respond quickly to new opportunities. The clear success of implementing Adobe Sign means there are other processes for Data#3 to reevaluate and apply a fresh digital approach to outside of the resourcing division and HR department.

Let’s talk about what Document Cloud can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Document Cloud can do for your business.