A history of excellence. A future of expertise.

That’s the Panasonic story.

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Employees: 11,000
Amsterdam, Netherlands


increase to marketing campaign output


Integrate all the different customer databases with thousands of pieces of collateral

Increase market penetration and cross sell opportunities

Establish closer integration between sales and marketing teams

Gain efficiency from marketing investments


Improved marketing’s revenue contribution from under 10% to 26%

Increased marketing campaign output five-fold without further investment

Doubled size of CRM contacts system through inbound enquiries

Gained visibility into how all campaigns are contributing to bottom line

Increased ability to analyse data and make optimised campaign decisions

Greater cross sell opportunities from lead scoring

Turning challenges into opportunities.

Years ago, Panasonic Europe worked with Marketo — now Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud — to drive a new sales pipeline connected to their marketing campaigns. The results were incredible. They grew their marketing campaigns from under 10 per cent to over 26 per cent, doubled the contacts in their CRM system from 55,000 to 110,000 and increased their marketing campaign output five times over.

As the European arm of the global B2B division of Panasonic Corporation, Panasonic Europe generates annual revenue over €500 million. Their goal is to improve the working lives of professionals at other organisations — and drive their own efficiency and performance at the same time.

As one of the world’s largest electronics companies, with 13 product categories sold in over 50 countries, Panasonic Europe has kept the customer at the heart of their digital transformation. As customer journeys expand to include more channels, Panasonic Europe continues to rely on Marketo Engage to stay connected and relevant, wherever their customers are.

“It’s really, really important that we have modern tools that allow us to have a meaningful conversation about the right content with the right audience”


Stephen Yao
European Marketing Director, Panasonic 

Today, innovation continues to lead their way. 

Panasonic Europe provides diverse European countries with products and services across many languages and cultures. To reach more customers, they know they must also create more meaningful experiences, so they can connect with everyone in unique and memorable ways. “The diversity and length of time that our customers are engaging with us is getting more complex,” says Marketing Director Stephen Yao. To stay laser-focused on the individual customer requires a robust solution — like Marketo Engage.

The role of experience in the engagement economy.

Marketo Engage has helped to enrich Panasonic Europe’s service offerings with more valuable touchpoints that spun the entire customer journey. In the engagement economy, as Yao points out, customers engage with different parts of organisations — sales, marketing, customer service teams — at their own pace. To keep up with them, wherever they go, Marketo Engage creates more meaningful points of connection with customers, delivering personalised content to customers wherever they are. As Yao puts it, “we now have the opportunity to give them this unified, high-quality experience.

“For marketers to be successful in the engagement economy, they have to be organisational and customer engineers. They have to really go up to a high level and think about the customer: How can we make that customer journey fantastic?


Stephen Yao
European Marketing Director, Panasonic 

Marketo Engage provides the highly capable platform that allows the brand to connect with customers in consistent, relevant experiences that drive conversion. As Yao puts it, Marketo Engage brings the ability “to integrate that full customer experience so that we can engage them across the whole cycle, in the right way, at the right time, with the right content.”

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