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You have questions about digital asset management, and we have answers. Gathered here are various resources that will help you get a broader idea of Adobe Experience Manager Assets, how it works, and how it can start working for you.

Documentation and community 

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Release notes

See what's new in Adobe Experience Manager in the latest Release Notes.

Implementation guide

Get Adobe Experience Manager Assets up and running with this implementation guide.

Getting started

Start preparing for Adobe Experience Manager Assets by getting started.

Adobe Experience Manager Community

Questions or suggestions? Join the Adobe Experience Manager Assets Community.

Adobe Experience Manager Support

Find answers to your Adobe Experience Manager questions in the support center.

Tips and tricks

Learn the best tips and tricks for Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Digital Learning Services 

Dive into Adobe Experience Manager Assets with these detailed tutorials

What’s new in 6.4
Learn about the changes in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 and get hands-on experience with new topics. You’ll also learn how to migrate from previous versions of Experience Manager.
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Customize digital assets
See how you can customize and manage asset metadata and process assets by using workflows and media handlers. Plus, learn how to configure dynamic media to deliver variations of rich content. 
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All Adobe Experience Manager courses
Browse the course catalog to choose the perfect Adobe Experience Manager course for you.
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Experience league

Welcome to a new enablement programme to help customers get the most of our Adobe Experience Cloud — with guided learning, one-to-one expert support and access to a thriving community.

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Industry trends

Explore trends in digital as set management and see how Adobe Experience Manager As sets can work for you.

With a worldwide business like Amway, finding a solution to deliver content to sales and marketing teams more efficiently was a small change that made a huge difference.

Whether you're a DAM system administrator or a marketing director overseeing assets, these guides from Digital Clarity Group provide you with the information, tips, and checklists you need.

Customers expect to see great content wherever they are and whenever they want it. Read The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Assets to see how we can help.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.