CenturyLink hits the mark with customers using Marketo Engage.

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Establish a single source of truth for digital marketing across eight organisations

Improve marketing effectiveness to influence both business and consumer customers

Reduce costs by replacing paper-based billing with automated emails

Enable true multi-touch attribution reporting


70% of deals include 1+ Marketo Engage touches

$100MM+ ARR revenue influenced by Marketo Engage

$1.2 MM monthly postage and paper savings

Every day CenturyLink connects millions of people and businesses of all sizes. For much of the Fortune 500, they are the enabler to the networked world. To millions of families, they are the trusted local phone company. To maintain market leadership and continue to grow revenue, CenturyLink needs to reach their entire customer spectrum with marketing messages tailored to a specific customer and tie those efforts to the company’s bottom line.

Growth through acquisition creates new business opportunities but also can come with complexities for internal operations. Following one of their larger acquisitions CenturyLink became a $24 billion company with eight revenue-generating organisations. Marketing operations were decentralised, with different marketing technology stacks that comprised more than 90 solutions. To improve marketing effectiveness in targeting a wide range of customers, the company decided to transition to a central Marketing Operations team and consolidate marketing activity into a single holistic view with Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

“We’re working to drive marketing optimisation and maximise our assets to provide the best experiences and offers to our customers,” says Scott Berns, senior director of marketing operations at CenturyLink. “A challenge we faced for years is the need for true multi-touch attribution reporting, especially for large enterprise customers that have a much longer sales cycle.”

Kate Federhar

Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, CenturyLink

A single source of truth for marketing

The CenturyLink Marketing Operations team began by moving all Level 3 Communications marketing programmes over to Marketo Engage. The team was able to complete the transition in less than six months, greatly reducing the size of its marketing technology stack.

Two instances of Marketo Engage now provide a central source of truth for all of CenturyLink’s marketing data. Every day, its data team pulls almost 400,000 daily activities from Marketo Engage into a data lake to build a comprehensive picture of every lead’s interactions and lifecycle. From there, data is served up to multiple in-house developed application layers to provide accurate and timely insights and demonstrate the effectiveness of all its marketing efforts.

Marketo Engage’s third-party integration capabilities were essential to CenturyLink’s efforts to consolidate marketing activity information. To use Marketo Engage as a central hub for third-party marketing activity, CenturyLink leveraged the Marketo Engage activity object data model to include as many third-party products into the Marketo Engage activity log as possible, allowing the data team to extract, analyse and build predictive data models to drive proactive change.

The team also used Marketo Sales Insight to create multi-touch campaigns that include automated emails sent from a Salesforce plug-in. This fulfill a long-time business need to send prospects consistent emails from sales while enabling salespeople to spend more time with customers and less time on administrative tasks.

“Marketo Engage is crucial to our Marketing Operations team and using Marketo Engage to gain visibility into third-party applications through integration has proven invaluable to us during our merger with Level 3 Communications,” says Kate Federhar, senior manager of marketing operations at CenturyLink. “We’re looking forward to integrating Marketo Engage with Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Target to unify our marketing efforts and customer experience even further.”

Influencing millions in revenue

Using Marketo Engage to segment audiences, CenturyLink’s Marketing Operations team can send the right message to the right person on the right channel, whether it’s a $19.99 social media promotion for premium TV channels or a new enterprise networking service. To navigate the more complex buying patterns of business customers, CenturyLink uses lead scoring and account-based marketing in Marketo Engage so it can pivot quickly and adjust offers and messaging as needed.

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