Pelco achieves a 99.48% increase in marketing ROI with the help of Marketo.

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Increase in Marketing ROI


Marketo Engage


Accelerate the pace of campaign development and execution

Improve quantity and quality of leads supplied to sales

Build on marketing’s contribution to sales and leverage reporting and analysis to demonstrate results


Doubled email performance

99.48% i ncrease in Marketing ROI

221% increase in MQLs within the first 6 months

Pelco is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security solutions. The company’s broad client base includes distributors, systems integrators, architects, consultants and end-users.

Scott Wright, Pelco’s marketing automation manager, administers the Marketo instance responsible for digital marketing to this diverse audience. Delivering detailed messaging tailored to each segment is essential to generating high-quality leads and moving them through the buyer journey. Last year, Scott determined that the marketing software Pelco was using was dragging down marketing efficiency and productivity. The lead scoring model was simplistic, list creation and data parsing were slow and there was no way to properly customise reports.

After looking at the options, Pelco decided to replace the old software with Marketo. The primary drivers behind the decision: Marketo’s rich feature set, ease of deployment and friendly user interface. Although Scott had not used Marketo before, he was able to get the solution up and running in two weeks. And the results—including rising productivity, increased open and click-through rates and higher marketing return on investment (ROI)—are exceeding all expectations.

Immediate results, positioned for the future

Pelco started achieving extraordinary marketing results immediately after the switch to Marketo. Email performance nearly doubled. Open rates rose from 18.33% to 27.0% and click-through rates went from 1.39% to 3.5%. Within the first six months, Marketo campaigns generated 221% more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) than in the prior 18 months with the previous solution. Scott also reports that marketing ROI compared with the prior year was 99.48%. Marketo literally paid for itself 30 times over.

“Marketo offers a blend of limitless functionality, a terrific group of partners and integrations and an amazingly supportive community of marketers and trendsetters,” Scott says. “Features such as templates and cloning have boosted our efficiency dramatically. We can have a new campaign ready to launch in less than 30 minutes. Plus we have the confidence of knowing that our campaigns and programmes are based on best practices, which means they are designed for maximum impact.”\

“For anyone who is considering Marketo, do it. Don’t wait. Marketo literally has it all. You’re only limited by what you can imagine.”

Scott Wright

Marketing Automation Manager, Pelco

Increased marketing contribution to sales

Pelco is particularly pleased by the impressive increase in the number of leads generated by marketing compared with other sources. Previously, marketing contributed only about 25% of leads received by the sales team. With Marketo, that number has reached nearly 85%. Scott gives much of the credit to Marketo lead scoring, which assigns positive and negative scores based on a combination of customer profile and behavioural factors. Salespeople now receive a prioritised list of the highest-scoring leads so they can focus on the opportunities that are most likely to close.

“There’s no limit to Marketo’s lead scoring capability,” Scott says. “We have a general lead scoring model that applies to all leads in the database. But we can also take it a step further. We can build a lead scoring model for specific initiatives we’re trying to push. The hottest leads appear at the very top of the sales reps’ dashboards so they stay focused on key sales objectives.”

Positioned for success

Marketo was incredibly easy to set up,” Scott concludes. “The interface is intuitive. And Marketo supports us in every way, shape and form. There’s no shortage of documentation, no shortage of help and no shortage of best practices. As a result, we were able to build campaigns the right way from the start. That set us up for immediate success. And we’re positioned for continuing success for many years to come.”

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