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TEG Analytics creates value for customers by delivering a 360-degree customer view with Adobe Audience Manager.

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Harness insights from the largest first-party customer database in Australia

Optimise data structure to provide greater value to customer brands

Scale analysis across millions of points of data


15M active members and 400,000 new daily data points for data at scale

21K traits used to define a taxonomy for strong look-alike modelling

81% on target rate helps customers target audience s more effectively

Up to 85% CRM to DSP match rate via on-boarding delivers actionable customer insights

Harnessing the insights of one of the largest customer databases in Australia

In any given period online, consumers are confronted with thousands of advertisements, from website banners and paid search, to short-form video ads. To effectively cut through the noise and achieve strong returns on their advertising/media investments, brands need to focus their energy on targeting consumers with relevant and engaging messaging. The more brands know about their markets, the more effective they are at targeting them with the right message at the right time.

As the leading ticketing and live entertainment business in Asia Pacific, TEG connects millions of Australians with sports, music, arts, culture and family entertainment. It’s Ticketek business covers more than 85% of the Australian ticketing market and attracts more than 15 million active customers. This gives TEG one of the largest customer databases in Australia and a valuable first-party data asset.

“Due to the nature of our ticketing business, we interact with a huge percentage of the Australian population, from every walk of life,” says Daevid Richards, Head of Audience Automation at TEG Analytics. “We can learn a lot of valuable information about customers’ specific interests and preferences, giving us insights that very few companies can match.”

TEG Analytics is the analytics division of TEG and works with many leading brands, including publishing and media companies, to unlock the value of other first-party data assets through data matching, customer modelling and improved audience segmentation.

For example, TEG recently launched LIFE Segments™, a proprietary psychographic customer segmentation platform. Pioneered by TEG Analytics, LIFE Segments delivers new, powerful consumer insights by analysing millions of transactions across the live economy. This provides a matched dataset with new customer insights, optimised marketing strategies and the ability to undertake look-alike modelling for scalable targeting.

Adobe Audience Manager—part of Adobe Analytics Cloud in Adobe Experience Cloud—enables TEG Analytics to aggregate millions of data points and develop actionable consumer intelligence for clients.

“We collect up to 400,000 points of data daily, so we need a powerful data management platform to help us to manage and clean data at scale,” says Richards. “With Adobe Audience Manager, we’re creating advanced models and thousands of attributes that augment customer data and help our customers create a more holistic view of their audiences.”

“With Adobe Audience Manager, we’re creating advanced models and thousands of attributes that augment customer data and help our customers create a more holistic view of their audiences.”

Daevid Richards

Head of Audience Automation, TEG Analytics

Higher value with match rates far above average

Using Adobe Audience Manager, TEG Analytics pulls together millions of data points to create advanced profiles built around the preferences of more than 15 million Australians or 72% of the country’s adult population. Audience Manager takes these profiles and defines a taxonomy of more than 21,000 traits.

“While the match rate within the industry ranges between 15% to 50%, TEG Analytics achieves a match rate of between 60% to 85% with other off-line datasets,” says Richards. “Our clients know that they can rely on our unique insights and feedback because no one else can match our unique scale. Adobe Audience Manager creates value for our clients by making it easier for us to aggregate, analyse and model data.”

Based on testing with a leading agency trading desk, TEG Analytics correctly targeted audiences 81% of the time. In comparison, most digital campaigns using third-party data achieve an on-target average of just 41%.

Adobe Audience Manager also combines the clients’ online and off-line data with TEG profiles to create a far more comprehensive and deterministic customer view. With TEG’s significant presence in the Australian live entertainment and sports market and its on-boarding capabilities, TEG Analytics has both the insights and the capabilities to activate those insights through all forms of addressable media.

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