Personalised search

Gain complete access to and control of your search results. Specify which results to display, when to display them and how they should be positioned. Choose what data to index, how to weigh each index and how to optimise search results based on the metrics that matter most to you.

Search that delivers. Results that speak for themselves.

Search is a key part of your customers’ experience on your site. It gives them access to everything they need and puts them in the driver’s seat, letting them choose what they want to spend their time on. But too often, the search algorithm is a black box. You set it up and have no control over how it works, no ability to influence what people see or to make the search experience consistent with your overall strategy.

With personalised search in Adobe Target, you have control. With our easy-to-use interface, marketers have complete access to the search algorithm without involving IT. So you decide which areas of the site are searchable. Or, prioritise product metadata. You can create seasonal or time-based variations of the algorithm to support a promotion or campaign or optimise results based on search queries or metrics pulled in from your analytics solution. The bottom line is that you should be able to bring the same care and strategy to search as you do the rest of your site and with Adobe Target you can.

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Full control over the search algorithm
With our marketer friendly interface you can choose what to index — product name, product description, product colour, article title, article sub-head, article context and more — and assign the index weights to fully control the search algorithm. Or, exclude elements all together. And do this all without the need to call on IT.

Support for strategic use cases
Build multiple ranking rules to bias the baseline algorithm at will. For example, create one ranking algorithm that prioritises products with lower price or deeper discount during a seasonal promotion. And another that prioritises the inventory to get rid of stock afterward. Or create algorithms based profile data such as new visitor vs. returning visitor, female vs. male, mobile vs. desktop, Android vs. iOS and so on.

Search query-based optimisation
Use our easy interface to create business rules to create more engagement, better sales or higher conversion rates. Define rules based on keywords, which then determine what’s shown in search results. Rearrange or highlight products, show content in any order, remove items and so on support a search for a high-value keyword.

Analytics-driven search experience
Import key metrics from Adobe Analytics or other analytics solution to to drive the ranking algorithm. Prioritise content with higher page views, clicks, time spent on the page and so on to better cross sell or upsell, promote engagement and more.

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Integrate and optimise.

Watch our video to learn how to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Analytics, for a self-learning experience that improves search results based on any metric you choose.

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Success starts in segments.

Read our documentation on how to create personalised search results that span unique segments so every audience and every individual sees what’s relevant at the moment.

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