The reinvention of normal.

Huge conferences moved online. Graduations reinvented with robots. The Tonight Show broadcast from Jimmy Fallon’s sitting room. COVID-19 is upending the way we live and work. In this playbook, we share lessons we’ve learnt — from our own experience and from our customers.

As you explore these six lessons, keep in mind these aren’t best practices because, let’s be real, we’re all still learning. But we hope these lessons can suggest ways to make your business more nimble and adaptable.

Lesson 1: Real-time customer insights are more essential than ever

How customer data and our field marketing team helped us quickly pivot our strategy. Plus, how NASCAR used digital tech to understand vast new audiences when they moved their races online.

Lesson 2: Agility is key when pivoting in a pandemic

How our crisis response team created new messaging and rolled it out in just a few weeks. And how medicine marketplace 1mg sent emails to 14 million users to clarify confusion about COVID-19.

Lesson 3: People need human connection, especially right now

How we stayed connected to our customers. Also, how Vitamix is using food to bring people together. And how theatre companies and orchestras are finding new ways to keep their audiences engaged.

Lesson 4: New ways of working can have lasting benefits

What we learnt from moving Adobe Summit online in just three weeks. Also, how Australia’s NSW Department of Education is using what they learnt from last year’s bush fires during COVID-19.

Lesson 5: Re-Examine everything -- from strategy to structure and beyond

How we’re meeting the needs of our remote workforce. Also, what retailers everywhere are discovering. And how TSB Bank rethought their digital services and what they gained.

Lesson 6: We aren't going back, so accelerate digital adoption now

How we’re using our online learning community could help our customers. And how COVID-19 became the proving grounds for the US Census Bureau’s digital efforts.

Ebook cover - The Reinvention of Normal


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