Web analytics are the heart. But insights bring the soul.  

Modern web analytics takes everything great about modern data science — from complex segmentation to predictive tools to real-time reporting — and applies it to the original digital channel. This gives you real insights that drive the decisions that help both your customer and your bottom line.

Way beyond vanity metrics.

Enterprise The web is still at the heart of most digital marketing practices. So web analytics is just as important as it’s always been. But while digital marketing has evolved into a complex dance of channels and interactions, many organizations are still looking at web metrics the way they did ten years ago.

Reporting visits and measuring page views isn’t enough anymore. To really take advantage of the power of the web, you need to measure customer pathing, traffic sources, content effectiveness, and video engagement. You need to know more than who’s coming to your site. You need to know why. To know the best page or product to show them. What they’re looking for and how one interaction will impact all the rest. And you need to know now.

Because the web is central to most digital experiences, web analytics plays an important role in answering these questions. But to really know all this, web analytics can’t live in a silo. Real insight comes from putting web data together with all your other channel data and understanding them together.

Adobe can help.

With Adobe Analytics, your insights aren’t limited to specific channels. You collect and process data from nearly any source — online and offline —so you can have a complete picture of your customers and analyze their behaviors across the entire journey. You can prove ROI through customer attribution, anomaly detection, and cohort analysis to better direct your marketing spend. And with machine learning and automated tools, you’ll have insights that are easy to visualize, analyze, share, and act on in a moment’s notice.

“The ability to load dashboards and monitor important online events in real time helps streamline and focus the team’s efforts on performance. Whether it’s Black Friday or the launch of an updated website, Adobe Analytics helps us monitor performance and spot errors in real time.”

Scott Sturcke, Director, Online Marketing Management, Epson America

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Automate email responses from Campaign or integrate with Adobe Analytics to trigger custom remarketing email based on individual user actions.

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