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GS Retail fast-tracks its e-commerce analysis expertise with Adobe Analytics.

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Employees: 4,420 (as of 2018)


a tagging system for e-commerce websites and apps


Respond to changes in consumer behavior quickly

Integrate information across platforms to better understand individual customers

Provide marketers with real-time, actionable insights


Created a tagging system for e-commerce websites and apps

Conducted in-depth analysis to improve customer experiences

Improved cross-brand and cross-channel analysis to get actionable insights

Delivered integrated profiles to better understand customer behaviors

Digital transformation begins with data integration

Founded under a management philosophy of creating new life values by dreaming of the future with its customers, GS Retail has steadily built its expertise based on its core businesses, GS25 Convenience Stores and GS Supermarkets. The company is also forging growth in future business areas with its new health and beauty store, lalavla.

Various departments within the company held their own data sets, which made it difficult to obtain an intact analysis of individual customer behavior. GS Retail needed a trusted platform to enable integration of siloed data.

“In retail distribution, we have to respond more quickly than other companies to changes in consumer behaviors because we’re on the frontlines in the B2C business,” says Kyoung-Hoon Kim, team leader of the data support team at GS Retail. “We desperately needed to have a data platform to integrate data from online and offline channels. That was the starting point for our digital transformation.”

“Having multiple brands gave us a need to better understand individual customers based on integrated behavior analysis, he adds. “We chose Adobe Analytics in particular because of its expandability as a solution and because it allows us to turn numeric data into actionable insights.”

“We chose Adobe Analytics in particular because of its expandability as a solution and because it allows us to turn numeric data into actionable insights.”


Kyoung-Hoon Kim
Team Leader of the Data Support Team, GS Retail

Innovating e-commerce with advanced analytics

“We needed a solution capable of providing multi-angled, precise analysis on specific business performance metrics through regular email reports so that marketers could access various perspectives and actionable insight in real time,” says Hee-Sang Hwang, Manager, IT Department at GS Retail. “Adobe Analytics was the perfect solution fulfilling these requirements.”

GS Retail, with the help of Adobe, was able to successfully apply Adobe Analytics across its wide range of websites and mobile apps, including the GS Fresh online shopping site, the My Own Refrigerator feature within its mobile app, and its enterprise-wide home pages. This success gave the retailer the confidence it needs to run Adobe Analytics on its new health and beauty channel, lalavla.

While working on the lalavla project, GS Retail set up a tagging guide to organize areas to develop, such as log in, sign up, and search, which helped accelerate the project. GS Retail decided that the lalavla project was quite successful, which was done internally from start to finish, including implementing and deploying Adobe Analytics. Encouraged by those great results, the retailer has the confidence to continue deploying Adobe Analytics internally when it adds new online channels in the future.

GS Retail set up some principles during the lalavla project. First, the company developed a website and app tagging guide for e-commerce. It began introducing Adobe Analytics by selecting five main categories for analysis: page loads, product information, search areas, member registration and log ins, and click throughs. GS Retail identified these as the five key areas to best improve customer experience on websites and apps. For example, the company saw click throughs as essential for identifying consumer behavior patterns and helping consumers navigate to their destinations as efficiently as possible.

Previously, GS Retail had only been able to measure basic activities, such as website traffic and content consumption. However, the company now has a precise gauge for the customer’s entire online journey. Customer experiences cannot be measured with log analysis or with a few traditional online performance metrics. Every aspect of the customer experience should be analyzed, including flow analysis of behavior patterns measuring overall customer experiences across channels, as well as attribution analysis focusing on causal factors. Adobe Analytics enabled GS Retail to successfully conduct such complicated and advanced analysis.

GS Retail now plans to apply Adobe Analytics to its other channels as well, since the implementation and operation of Adobe Analytics with the lalavla brand has been such a great success.

“GS Retail gained the ability to provide consistent, meaningful experiences based on integrated understanding of customer behavior, and this was made possible by Adobe Analytics.”


Kyoung-Hoon Kim
Team Leader of Data Support Team, GS Retail

A leader in data-driven distribution

“Through our integrated insight into consumer behavior, we now have a deeper understanding of our customers and our marketers also have more powerful competencies in analytics,” Hwang says. “From a company-wide standpoint, it’s a big plus to now have a team within IT operating this new data platform.”

Through its success with lalavla and a new foundation for data-driven marketing, GS Retail will expand the platform into marketing automation. With the introduction of Adobe solutions, the company’s marketers now have actionable insights into data and can better focus valuable time on marketing to generate even stronger business performance. In addition, GS Retail is considering Adobe Target for personalization and Adobe Campaign as an omnichannel campaign solution. GS Retail also aspires to become the industry’s leading innovator as a data-driven distributor by taking full advantage of the AI-powered analytics and personalized marketing campaign capabilities provided by Adobe solutions.

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Let's talk about what Adobe Experience Cloud can do for your business.