Adaptable content fuelled by true customer understanding.

To really impress a customer, show them you know them. With an ever-updating, singular customer profile, you can give them the personal touch they expect.

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Personal for them. Scalable for you.

Roll out targeted content and personalised campaigns at scale for increased conversion and loyalty with Adobe Experience Manager Sites, now informed with CRM data.

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Personalised content for your entire organisation to use.

Infuse every asset with relevance when you feed Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM data into Adobe Experience Manager Assets and make creative assets available from a central hub.

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Customise any form-filling process from start to finish.

Create, prefill and customise your forms. Automatically sync lead creation and other activities between Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

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The best digital experiences are built on solid digital foundations.

Delivering experiences that are personalised yet consistent with your brand can be challenging. But when you piece together a sound digital foundation, it’s easy to manage brand content across all your channels, providing customised experiences at every touchpoint.

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Five daunting sales and marketing gaps and how to overcome them.

Learn about the top challenges facing organisations and how they can cost you time, customers and profit.

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Adobe + Microsoft Resources.

Get more in-depth information about the Adobe + Microsoft partnership with demo videos, case studies, articles and more.

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