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Social Kinnect uses Adobe Advertising Cloud to improve customer acquisition and drive efficiencies across search campaigns.

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reduction in cost per click


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Boost lead generation, while controlling costs

Improve efficiencies for search campaigns

Increase overall marketing agility


Reduced cost per click by 50% and cost per lead by 9%

Targeted high-value leads

Delivered up to 40% more daily leads

Established foundation for digital maturity

Heating up

Growing businesses are hotbeds of innovation. In India, enterprises are increasingly relying on digital marketing strategies that will enable them to maintain an edge over competitors.

Social Kinnect was founded by insightful leaders, united in their vision to manage and build India’s top emerging brands on digital.

The company’s rapid success helped establish its credibility as a leader in the digital industry. It also provided momentum for the founders to expand and launch a new venture, Media Kinnect, the company’s digital media buying arm.

“Social Kinnect is a 360-degree digital agency servicing a diverse set of clients,” says Mihir Palan, Account Director, Digital Media Planning & Buying at Social Kinnect. “Media Kinnect, along with Kinnect Productions and Kinnect Outreach, furthers our endeavour of owning the digital sphere.” “We provide services across verticals including web development, search engine optimisation, online media planning and buying, video production, web analytics and influencer management. At the crux of everything we do is the objective of delivering measurable business results for our clients.”

One of the company’s biggest clients is Indiabulls Housing & Finance ltd. (IBFHL), the country’s second-largest private housing finance company. While initially hesitant to invest in a paid search strategy, today IBFHL takes full advantage of the services available through Social Kinnect.

“For IBFHL, the traditional paid media campaigns proved to be successful, however, the company was beginning to see lower returns,” adds Palan. “The complex nature of its business and the growing list of the potential keywords that the customers used, made campaign management increasingly unwieldy and inefficient. Our job wasn’t just to continue to support the growing business, but also to enable it sustainably.”

Social Kinnect

“Adobe Advertising Cloud Search enables us to look at many variables and balance our clients' budgets and goals to achieve the best outcomes.”

Mihir Palan

Account Director, Digital Media Planning & Buying, Social Kinnect

Building a better future

A key element in helping IBHFL change its perspective—from staying the course to finding new efficiencies—was deploying Adobe Advertising Cloud Search within Adobe Experience Cloud.

“We wanted to restructure campaigns to make them more manageable and cost-effective for IBHFL,” says Palan. “Search campaign management tools lacked the functionality and scale to support the company’s campaigns. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search offered a proven environment that convinced IBHFL to invest in the proposition.”

Palan also noted that Social Kinnect tested several search campaign management solutions and it was found that Advertising Cloud Search consistently delivered the most effective results.

Using Advertising Cloud Search, Social Kinnect helped IBHFL quickly set up new, automated search campaigns with customised bid rules and targeted KPIs. The agency can now strategise multiple campaigns targeted at various audience segments, to support different objectives for IBHFL.

For example, IBHFL has broad campaigns for basic home loans, as well as separate campaigns targeted at the affordable housing segment. By creating unique, targeted campaigns for each segment using Advertising Cloud Search Smart Bidding, Social Kinnect helped generate 40% more leads daily, while optimising the cost-per-click by a factor of over 50%. That led to a reduction of 9% in the overall cost-per-lead.

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Smarter campaigns

Using Adobe solutions allows Social Kinnect to respond quickly to changing market demands. For instance, when the Indian Government announced a new subsidised home loan plan, Social Kinnect immediately implemented new keyword campaigns to address the same. While the cost per lead was relatively higher for the first three months, the collection of detailed customer and competitor insights helped Social Kinnect optimise the overall strategy. This helped reduce costs, which in turn led to an increase in conversion rates and, therefore, an increase in returns for IBFHL.

One key automated feature within Adobe Advertising Cloud Search has been the Spend Recommendation feature, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework. Spend Recommendation uses machine learning to uncover performance data and identify the ideal budget allocation for each campaign. It even takes into account market fluctuations due to seasonal trends or changes in the competition to help predict future budgets. With Spend Recommendation providing intelligent automation, Social Kinnect is reducing costs and focusing on campaigns that deliver high-value and qualified leads. Thus, powerful results are being achieved without pulling resources away from creating engaging, targeted campaigns.

“Some solutions are too rigid with how search campaigns are developed and managed,” says Palan. “Adobe Advertising Cloud Search enables us to look at many variables and balance our clients’ budgets and goals to achieve the best outcome. The Spend Recommendation capability powered by Adobe Sensei helps us to bring down costs by making it easier to structure campaigns and consistently identify keywords that result in more engagement from online searches.”

In addition to providing more control over search campaigns, Social Kinnect can offer clients greater visibility and insight into campaigns. Much of IBFHL’s recent successes are attributed to its automated approach to marketing. By learning quickly and applying insights to digital strategies, Social Kinnect is building a competitive advantage for its clients.

“Owing to the high intent shown by customers, search has traditionally been a key focus for us,” says Ankit Banga, Assistant General Manager at IBHFL. “Optimising our efforts on the medium is a natural extension of our digital strategy to explore more robust solutions. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search has contributed to a strong push towards cost reduction and more importantly allowed for us to optimise our strategies far better and maintain our share of voice-all while constantly increasing the efficacy of our efforts.”

Committed to growth

Understanding that its digital journey is far from over, Social Kinnect plans to add to its digital marketing services by expanding its use of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

With Adobe Analytics, Social Kinnect can look closer at customer activities after they arrive on digital properties to gain a complete view of their behaviour and preferences. Adobe Audience Manager will also enable the company to refine audience segments, helping to better target keywords and create relevant experiences.

“We’re encouraged by our ongoing success and see the potential that Adobe Experience Cloud offers to our clients,” says Palan. “Adobe solutions also give us a significant opportunity to grow our services and provide our clients with even more meaningful insights to shape their business strategies.”

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