Investing in the future of New Zealand

Kiwi Wealth raises awareness and investment with a successful campaign delivered through Marketo Engage.




Employees: 250
Wellington, New Zealand


And higher email open rates, 150% higher than the control group



Increase brand recognition in a competitive financial market

Educate consumers about investing in managed funds

Support vision for data-driven marketing automation


Achieved open rates of 50%, more than twice the industry average and 150% higher than the control group

Saw 5x lift in new members, 4x lift in new accounts, and 4x lift in funds under management during the campaign

Increased traffic to landing page by 865% compared to baseline for web

Effectively analyze consumer behaviors across landing page, email campaigns, and survey forms

For many people, investing can feel complex and risky. Kiwi Wealth wanted to change that experience for New Zealanders. As a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated company, Kiwi Wealth provides financial services tailored to the needs and interests of its fellow New Zealanders.

Kiwi Wealth set out to build brand recognition. The company’s KiwiSaver product, a retirement savings fund, had established name-recognition over the years but Kiwi Wealth Managed Funds were far less well-known. What Kiwi Wealth needed was a strong awareness campaign to create excitement for the company’s many investment products.

Kiwi Wealth had tried working with various marketing automation platforms, but they failed to address the company’s needs. After getting input from other New Zealand-based companies, Kiwi Wealth was introduced to the local Marketo User Group. As they learned more, the team at Kiwi Wealth realized that Adobe Marketo Engage offered all of the capabilities required to reach their marketing goals.

“We had an ambitious vision of what data-driven marketing automation could do—but only Adobe Marketo Engage delivered the mix of features we needed to get there,” says Anna McLauchlan, Head of Marketing Automation at Kiwi Wealth. “We can now build effective programs that educate, nurture leads, and build customer retention for Kiwi Wealth.”

“Adobe Marketo Engage formed the core of consumer engagement by analyzing interactions across the landing page, email campaign, and

survey form.”

Laura Stephenson

Head of Marketing, Kiwi Wealth

Breaking down myths and encouraging investment

The first major campaign delivered through Marketo Engage focused on education and awareness of its managed fund product. Through research, Kiwi Wealth determined that consumers had limited awareness or understanding of its managed funds offerings. Some had never heard of it, while others thought it was only for the wealthy.

“We decided to run a 12-week campaign aimed at eliminating some of the myths about managed funds,” says Laura Stephenson, Head of Marketing at Kiwi Wealth. “While we started with ads on video-on-demand, radio, display, digital, and social media, Adobe Marketo Engage formed the core of consumer engagement by analyzing interactions across the landing page, email campaign, and survey form.”

Ads directed consumers to visit the special campaign landing page created with Marketo Engage. The landing page highlighted what a managed fund was and presented blogs, FAQs, and links that invited people to sign up for their first managed fund. Marketo Engage measured all clicks and traffic to help Kiwi Wealth identify content that consumers liked the most.

Marketers could change content quickly, so if a blog was underperforming, they could adjust the call-to-action or write a new blog that better answered pressing questions. Marketers also used Marketo Engage insights to help inform A/B tests so the team could further optimize navigation to encourage more people to open new accounts.

“With Adobe Marketo Engage, we basically built the landing page in a day,” says Stephenson. “We saw a huge uptick in traffic to the landing page, around 865% higher compared to typical web pages. Marketo Engage captured all of the information that we needed to understand and segment consumers.”


The landing page also invited consumers to sign up for emails. The five-part myth-busting email campaign fed consumers bite-sized pieces of content to educate them and get them interested about managed funds. For example, one email described potential growth and returns for managed funds, while another explained that people could start with investments as low as $100.

With Marketo Engage, marketers created around 20 segments depending on factors such as age, account balance, and engagement score as calculated by the Marketo Engage engagement model. Marketers adjusted the messaging slightly for each segment to get people’s attention and lead them back to the website to open accounts or learn more.

“The myth-busting emails were very popular with audiences,” says McLauchlan. “We had average open rates around 50%, which is more than twice the expected open rates for campaigns in financial services and 150% higher than our control group. Customers were engaging and clicking on the bite sized pieces of content.”

The final email directed consumers to fill out a survey created with Marketo Engage Forms. This form captured any additional information, including requests from customers who wanted to talk to someone in person before starting a managed fund. Marketers could send an alert via Marketo Engage to the Customer Service Centre for a follow up phone call. This resulted in major investments from several customers.

“We got great results from the campaign, with a 5x lift in new members, 4x lift in new accounts, and 4x lift in funds under management,” says Stephenson. “We hadn’t done a lot of marketing for managed funds, so we were surprised at how quickly people responded to the campaign. Marketo Engage was at the center of everything, helping us measure each step, understand engagement, and deliver a more successful campaign.”

“Adobe Marketo Engage showed what we could do. With the right team,

the right data, and the right technology in place, we can achieve a lot.”

Anna McLauchlan

Head of Marketing Automation, Kiwi Wealth

Creating long-lasting engagement

Both Stephenson and McLauchlan appreciated how the deep capabilities of Marketo Engage helped them focus on strategy. For example, at one brainstorming session, someone suggested marketing to loyal KiwiSaver customers who had been with the company for at least 10 years. Even just the simple segments were worth a try. The marketing team agreed to add a new segment and rolled out emails quickly. While the team initially though that such an established group wouldn’t be looking for additional investment opportunities, response was strong with unexpectedly high numbers of people signing up for a managed fund.

As a next step, Kiwi Wealth wants to start using Marketo Engage to drive longer-term engagement and retention campaigns. Marketers plan to start taking advantage of the data and automation to build true nurture programs and connect with customers.

“This is up there with one of the best campaigns I’ve worked on,” says McLauchlan. “Adobe Marketo Engage showed what we could do. With the right team, the right data, and the right technology in place, we can achieve a lot.”

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