Agile pre-work

Ensure an impactful first session with your Adobe Workfront consultant by following the steps below.

Step 1

Take the agile training.

Navigate to Workfront Training and watch the following:

Step 2

Consider your agile teams.

Compile a list of your agile teams and the members of each. Your agile team should be cross-functional to fully support the stories you intend for the team.

Step 3

Consider your agile methodology.

Consider whether to use a Scrum or Kanban agile methodology for your agile team.

The Kanban agile methodology in Workfront enables you to move stories more easily across an agile storyboard while limiting the amount of work in progress. There are no start and end dates when using the Kanban agile methodology.

The Scrum agile methodology in Workfront enables you to add a set of stories to an agile iteration and create a storyboard for that iteration. The iteration is based on the start and end dates that you define.

Step 4

Determine your point value.

Points are the effort-driven units of measure that are allocated to stories. A point is typically a multiple of hours, anywhere from one to eight, typically, that establishes the minimum block of effort within an agile team. If you do not wish to use points, you can estimate stories in hours instead.

Step 5

Determine your sprint cycle (scrum).

If using a scrum methodology, determine your sprint cycle, or period, known as an Iteration in Workfront, for each of your agile teams. Is this one week? Two weeks?

Step 6

Determine your agile team capacity.

Determine the overall capacity in points for each of your agile teams. In Kanban agile methodology, you will want to determine your Work in Progress (WIP) limit, which will be the set number of stories the team can effectively manage on their storyboard at any given time. In Scrum agile methodology, you can determine capacity by considering how many team members there are and the duration of your sprint cycles, and then use those values to determine the number of hours or points available per sprint cycle.