Resource management pre-work

Ensure an impactful first session with your Adobe Workfront consultant by following the steps below.

Step 1

Take the resource management training.

Navigate to Workfront Training and watch the following:

  • Resource Management Learning Path (70 min)

Step 2

Review/update schedules on project templates and make sure task predecessors are in place.

Project schedule templates should be used broadly on production-run projects. Make sure task predecessors that drive the schedule are in place.

Step 3

Review/add scheduled durations on tasks in project templates.

Durations must be added to all project templates.

Step 4

Review/add planned hours on project templates.

Planned hours need to be added to all relevant tasks on project templates. Relevant tasks are those tasks assigned to users (can be Job Role placeholders) that require some effort to complete.

Step 5

Review/add Job Role assignments on project templates.

Job Roles are comprehensively defined and listed in the Setup area. Make sure Job Roles are assigned to the project templates on all relevant tasks. Relevant task assignments are those tasks intended to be performed by one or more people.

Optional: If you wish to budget cost as part of your resource planning, apply Job Role Costs on all relevant Job Roles. If you are billing internal/external clients you may also add Billing Rate.

Step 6

Update/create 20 production projects leveraging active project templates.

Make sure you have at least 20 active projects in the Workfront environment with applied project templates that contain predecessors, durations, planned hours, and job role assignments.

Note: This number may be adjusted for your environment.