5 Reasons Why B2Bs Are Building Marketplaces

About the Infographic

Businesses of all sizes are building their own marketplaces — and winning big

A growing number of today’s B2B businesses are building their own Amazon-like marketplaces — and it’s paying off. Businesses that have operated their marketplaces for more than one year will see at least a 10% increase in net digital revenue. And it’s not just the big guys. Mid-sized and smaller players can position themselves as industry leaders and quickly add customers by investing in marketplaces.

If this sounds exciting, download our 5 Reasons Why B2Bs Are Building Marketplaces infographic with expert advice from Magento partners Optaros and Mirakl. It examines why building a marketplace can work for B2B businesses of all sizes and uncovers:

  • The high costs of risk-averse digital strategies
  • Why a marketplace can be a priceless source of market research
  • The many ways a marketplace can boost your earnings

Wondering if starting a B2B marketplace is right for you? Get the infographic today to find out.

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