Unlocking the Full Potential of B2B Email Marketing Automation

About the Guide

B2B businesses are ahead of the game when it comes to marketing automation adoption; 58% have the technology in the plans for their stack, compared to just 51% of B2C brands. The challenge for the B2B marketer now is to find innovative and engaging methods to communicate with their contacts, and this is where adopting a B2C approach to engagement pays dividends.

In this guide, dotmailer, a Magento Premier Technology Partner, has compiled a list of ideas for automation programs you may not have considered, along with examples of highly effective campaigns from B2B brands that are using email marketing automation to improve ROI.

  • Get convincing insight into marketing automation adoption
  • Learn key automation programs you could be using
  • See real examples of B2B email campaigns that drove results

Dotmailer enables marketers in 156 countries to use advanced data to design, test and send powerful automated campaigns. Through its integration with Magento, seamlessly create campaigns from inside the interface, connect with other backend systems, and have the added benefit of single sign-on and access to an unparalleled level of data.

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