Deliver memorable learning experiences across the board

Create brand-aligned immersive and engaging  learning experiences with Adobe Learning Manager. Engage customers, empower sales teams, and upskill employees with a unified and scalable platform. 

Top brands trust Adobe Learning Manager

Publicis Media iQ Academy
ACI Worldwide Real-Time Payments
GE HealthCare

Drive better learning experiences in a single platform

Build flexible, unique, and memorable learning programs, ensuring your users are learning what they need to when they need to.

Configure your experience

Integrate with a suite of API integrations and custom connectors and easily incorporate Adobe into your existing tech stack.

Guide your users

Provide your users with seamless, customized content consumption through user-friendly UI, immersive search, and browsing.

Engage your users

Allow your users to continuously learn and stay engaged through AI-based recommendations, gamification, and social learning.

Built for personalized learning.

Tailor your learning journeys to drive curiosity and motivate achievement. Deliver content natively to create a seamless and unified learning experience for everyone.

Headless LMS

Deliver content within any app or website to make learning and training feel like a natural extension of your brand.

Personalized dashboard

Give learners a customized overview of recommended, pending, and completed courses, alongside their badges and other milestones.

Fluidic player

Empower your learners to view and stream any kind of eLearning content consistently and intuitively without any plugins or downloads.

Gamification and Social Learning

Keep learners engaged with   points,  badges, and certifications. Build a strong learning community through discussion boards and forums.

AI-based recommendations

Create personalized learning experiences based on user profiles and learning styles with continuously updated courses powered by AI.


Connect learning to your enterprise ecosystem through out-of-the-box integrations with Workday, SFDC, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Marketo Engage and many more.

Engaged learners lead to better numbers.

Retain customers and employees.

Increase customer lifetime value.

Reduce customer support costs.

Boost sales and partner team performance.

Maintain compliance through training.

Why users choose Adobe Learning Manager

"Domino's franchisees love the idea of how an LMS like Adobe Learning Manager can support personalized learning on any device. Because we use Learning Manager for corporate training, it's the solution we recommend worldwide."

Chris Taylor
Director, International Training & Standards

Domino's Adobe Learning Manager

“Education and training play a critical role in driving success for our customers, partners, and employees. Adobe Learning Manager is the only LMS that is flexible enough to capture the breadth and depth of our training needs in one package.”

Jonathon Addington
Manager of Education and Training

Domino's Adobe Learning Manager

Make personalized learning the new normal.

Adobe Learning Manager is a one-stop solution for all your learning needs. Guide your users through unique development journeys that are accessible, engaging, and effective while driving business performance.

  • Customized learning experiences powered by an AI-based recommendation engine
  • Flexible learning options across devices with hybrid workplace support
  • Designed for employee re-skilling and compliance training, sales and partner training, product education for customers, and on-brand franchisee education

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