Anatomy of a Rebrand

About the eBook

Thinking about a corporate makeover? This step-by-step guide will help you navigate all three stages, from the initial decision through a successful launch.

Markets change. Companies evolve. Technology advances. For these and many other reasons, you may be starting to suspect that your brand is outdated or ill-suited to your current and future goals. Perhaps an extreme makeover is in order.

In this comprehensive eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Six good reasons to rebrand—and a few good reasons not to
  • Five essential steps of building a new look and feel, from brand audit to master task list
  • Six tips for launching your new brand, both internally and externally
  • Google’s unfortunate original name, plus dozens of other fun facts

Authored by Workfront CMO Joe Staples, this guide provides real-life examples from the two internal rebranding initiatives he spearheaded at two different companies—the latest of which unleashed the Workfront name and lion logo you see on this page.

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