B2B Marketing Attribution: An Introductory Guide to Attribution for Revenue-Driven B2B Marketers

About the eBook

While the exact buyer journey is unique to every company, data shows that, on average, B2B buyers engage 36 times before deciding to make a purchase, with some journeys having hundreds of online and offline touchpoints. Engaging buyers with the right content at the right time as they move through the funnel is both complex and crucial. And with heavy competition and tight budgets, B2B marketers are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate measurable results—to prove that marketing is doing its job and getting better every day. 

So how do you successfully target customers and engage leads throughout the entire buyer journey, all while measuring results and proving ROI? 

Marketing attribution solutions connect marketing and sales data across all channels to deliver a seamless buyer experience with trackable metrics and measurable impact.

 In this introductory guide, discover:

  • How to understand and measure the buyer journey 
  • Why marketing should care about sales data
  • How attribution connects marketing and sales data
  • An in depth analysis of single-touch, multi-touch, and advanced attribution models
  • The benefits of omnichannel and account based attribution
  • How to measure and report attribution data

Learn how marketing attribution can help you prove value by downloading B2B Attribution: An Introductory Guide to Attribution for Revenue-Driven B2B Marketers.

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