Marketing Experiments in an Age of Accountability

About the eBook

Experiments prove and disprove ideas about the world around us and help us arrive at the truth. But experimentation is not limited to science class or the field of psychology. It’s critical for marketing teams to adopt experimentation to continually improve and help prove their impact to their organizations. Unfortunately, many teams do not know how to deploy scientific tests correctly in the marketing process. Most do not use an iterative design approach, while many others fail to create the right kind of environment to encourage curiosity and experimentation. What must marketers do to build a culture of innovation, and test their way to successful engagement marketing?

Download Marketing Experiments in an Age of Accountability to learn about:

  • Accountability and experimentation living in harmony
  • The experimental marketing team
  • Experimentation basics and how-to’s
  • Real experiments and their results
  • Where and how to use experiments
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