The Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book

About the eBook

Social media and content marketing give marketers more freedom than ever before to showcase their personalities, put a human face on their brand, and spread their marketing messages much more effectively through storytelling.

There’s no mistaking, it’s a good time to be a marketer again!

Introducing the Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book! Straight from the marketing minds at Marketo, we bring you 30 pages of pure, unadulterated marketing activity fun!

From a content marketing perspective this book may look like a giant piece of “chocolate cake”, as in only here to entertain. But you can’t judge a book by its cover and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that this activity book consists of all the necessary elements of a successful and valuable piece of content: it’s useful, engaging, entertaining and most importantly, educational. So sit back, have fun, and expand your marketing knowledge.

Download The Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book and have fun with our:

  • Email Marketing Word Find
  • Dress up a Marketer
  • Revenue Cycle Maze
  • Thought Leader Book Match Up
  • The Dawn of Marketing Automation Comic
  • The Content Marketing Crossword

And so much more!

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