Marketing Campaign Planning Templates - Marketo

About the Guide

2020 has flown by, so we’ll give it to you straight: your marketing resolutions are inspiring and packed with potential, but they won’t mean much unless you have asolid, accessible way to activate them.

New schools of thought and inventive approaches are the lifeblood of the marketing industry, so we’ve created a comprehensive deck of planning templates to help ensure that your bright ideas can get off the ground more easily.We’ve designed our templates to be simple and straightforward, so you canalign, plan, summarize, and communicate betterthroughout every stage of your campaign in the decade to come.

This customizable template will help you:

  • Create campaign vitals, allowing you to more clearly define your campaign strategies
  • Map your content plans by topic and build out modules for every campaign 
  • Plan how you’ll track your campaigns and easily summarize their performance
  • Allow you to efficiently communicate your plans, both internally and to other teams

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