The Marketplace Maturity Model: Where Are You Now, and Where Can You Go?

About the Infographic

Your Roadmap to B2B Marketplace Success

Discover where you are on your marketplace journey and how far you can go.

B2B marketplaces are officially a trend. According to Gartner, at least 70 percent of enterprise marketplaces will serve B2B transactions by 2023. And a growing number of B2B businesses are actively researching marketplaces or in the process of building their own.

Does your company have a B2B marketplace? Or do you wonder if it’s time you launched one? Either way, this infographic can show you where you are today on a scale from “almost ready” to “optimized marketplace”— and actionable steps that can get you to the next level. It delivers expert insights from Magento partners McFadyen Digital and Mirakl including:

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