B2B Perspective on Marketing Technology Utilization

About the Report

In an experience-driven economy, marketers are expected to provide seamless, end-to-end experiences to their prospects and customers at every single touchpoint. To achieve this level of hyper-personalized engagement, marketers use Marketing Technology (MarTech) to effectively plan, execute, and measure compelling marketing campaigns.

But how exactly are marketers who operate in the business-to-business (B2B) channel currently utilizing MarTech to achieve strategic objectives and engage audiences throughout their entire customer journey?

Marketo, in partnership with Ascend2, fielded the 2019 Marketing Technology Utilization Survey to collect feedback from marketing leaders and research subscribers focused on the B2B channel. This report covers their opinions on MarTech in the B2B space including:

  • Critical challenges and budget trends
  • Primary and strategic objectives
  • MarTech effectiveness and difficulties
  • Utilization of resources, and more!

Download the B2B Perspective on Marketing Technology Utilization analyst report to learn everything B2B marketers are saying about MarTech.

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