Deciphering a New Generation of Learners

The pandemic brought about swift and sweeping changes to the college experience while bringing into question many long-held notions of what the college experience should be. How are students’ mindsets changing? How did online learning affect students? And what are their expectations for college now, in light of today’s Covid-19 reality?

In a recent Chronicle survey of 401 high schoolers and 400 college students, respondents answered questions about their preferred ways of learning, college plans, and how the necessitated year of online learning has influenced their views of education. Deciphering a New Generation of Learners explores the results from these surveys, and includes answers to questions, including:

  • How have students’ perceptions of online learning changed over the past year?
  • Do students feel colleges are able to prepare them with the high-tech skills they need?
  • What do they expect from their institutions in a post-pandemic environment?

Download the report to learn what students wish college leaders knew today.

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