2022 Digital Trends — Retail in Focus

Dive into 2022 Digital Trends — Retail in Focus to discover how the continued shift to digital formats is transforming brands and shaping the personalized shopping experience.

Digital Trends 2022 Retail in Focus.

More than ever, customers expect their favorite brands to personalize the digital experience.

Online or in-store, consumers want to feel uniquely understood and served by the brands they engage the most. Our Digital Trends survey illustrates how retail leaders are setting themselves apart by unifying their digital experience to meet customer expectations on a personal level, in the moment, across every channel.

Cover and thumbnail sample of two inside pages of the Digital Trends 2022 Retail in Focus report.

Hear the very latest insights from retailers about:

The increasing importance of unique customer experiences.

The growing need to understand every customer across all channels.

How volatility will impact retail markets in 2022.

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