Tomorrow’s work environment asks you to be a leader today.

The world of work is changing fast. Staying ahead means leaders must prioritize collaboration, autonomy, and creativity within their teams’ workspaces — and provide the right tools to make it happen.

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The 2023 State of Work report reveals work is anything but business as usual.

Adobe has partnered with S&P Global Market Intelligence to survey the landscape of work — how it’s changing and what workers need to be successful. Now in its eighth year, State of Work in 2023: A Radical Rethinking of Work is Underway, shows how operational cultures must change for employees and leaders to pace the challenges — and opportunities — defining today’s shifting work landscape.

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In this year’s report, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to rethink work and identify the forces driving rapid change
  • What’s causing the disconnect between employees and leaders
  • How to bridge the gap between strategy and execution to deliver extraordinary customer experiences
  • Why leaders need to rethink their operational strategies and recommendations to get started

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Key insights into what employees are facing now.

Employees who say they don’t have the technologies to support day-to-day work.
Employees who are struggling to work effectively in cross-functional roles.
Employees experiencing difficulty when it comes to collaborative work.


Don’t let the shift in work leave you behind. Get The State of Work in 2023: A Radical Rethinking of Work Is Underway.

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“People are the most creative when their brain is not preoccupied with answering the next email, addressing the next project, and attending the next meeting. There’s no way creativity can grow out of the box because of the day-to-day that everybody has.”

Marketing Director, IT Consulting, United States

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