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Talkdesk re-envisions customer journey measurement with Marketo Engage & Marketo Measure

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Start showing stakeholders the true impact of each program and channel, with a clear view of every dollar spent.

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Event speakers

Speaker - Brian Adam

Brian Adam

Senior Director of Marketing Operations

Brian Adam leads the Marketing Operations and Analytics team at Talkdesk. He specializes in optimizing lead-to-opportunity conversion through effective use of automation and measurement of results. He has a history of turning analytical insights into operational improvements that improve pipeline and sales.
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Speaker - Kimberly Roman

Kimberly Roman

Senior Director of Global Campaigns and Performance Marketing

Kim Roman leads global campaigns and performance marketing at Talkdesk, focused on demand generation through creative, yet data-driven campaigns and programs. Kim takes an imaginative, but solid, conversion-focused marketing approach and leverages constant experimentation and testing to optimize at every stage of the funnel. She's been innovating within the B2B marketing space for over a decade, spending over half that time at SaaS organizations including 6 years at Oracle, and is driven by data and discovering opportunities for improvement.
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Speaker - Gina Casagrande

Gina Casagrande

Strategic Partner Marketing Manager

Gina is a Principal Evangelist with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, focusing on optimizing the customer experience. An expert in personalization and digital experience optimization across the campaign and content lifecycle, she helps businesses use analytics-based decision-making to deliver exceptional customer interactions across channels, leading to increased conversions and loyalty. Gina’s a thought leader with a proven track record with C-level audiences, helping Adobe’s largest and most strategic accounts to re-align their business strategies, build out their personalization and optimization programs, and pivot their marketing directives to become more customer-centric and improve their ROI.
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