Use a single workflow to build and deliver video across devices and platforms.

Advanced player toolkit. Simplified coding.

TV has evolved. No longer is there a single screen and a single time to watch TV content. TV is everywhere. It’s in people’s pockets. It’s in their backpacks. And it’s still in their living rooms. TV Everywhere has taken over. And you can’t be a part of it if you don’t have the software to make every screen a TV. 

With Adobe Primetime TVSDK, you get the software development tools you need to reach all those screens and deliver great video experiences across devices. Adobe Primetime lets you reach a wide reach of devices, simplifying video delivery at scale. Plus, you can protect your media, ensuring that consumers can’t save or copy a piece of content without permission. In short, with Adobe Primetime TVSDK, you can quickly create content, track performance, and build revenue.

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Low video playback errors
Cut down on video playback error rates with Adobe Primetime’s failover protection, which automatically shifts to other delivery options in the event of video delivery issues.

Analytics integrations
Gather data from audiences in Adobe Analytics or in any major video analytics platform to get granular video usage metrics.

Multi-audio and multi-language support
Create a single video stream for any event or program with multiple audio or language tracks..

Creative Repackaging Service (CRS)
Ensure that non-HLS creative gets transcoded in real time and can play back properly in HLS streams. The manifest server calls on CRS when it encounters a non-HLS ad.

Interactive ad formats
Take advantage of support for all interactive ad formats, including VPAID/VPAID 2.0, Flash, and more.

Video player features
Add closed captions (web VTC, 608, and 708 embedded captions) for greater accessibility in videos. And improve the video experience further by emulating traditional DVR experiences with trick-play features like fast-forward and rewind.

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